Saturday, June 24, 2006

whooohooo mug

okay today was quite a fun day.

got yi rui to come to my house to study today. for lunch i cooked delicious Myojo Curry Chicken Noodles for him. with egg. yummy. then got alot of other stuff too. damn im a good host. haha.

studied econs today, think it was quite fruitful. left the topic on Firms and How They Operate, which i will go read on later, sleep for 2hrs, and wake up to support south korea. haha.

yi rui was studying chem and bloody hell his teacher gave him loads of stuff. past 4 years' common tests questions + answers? wtf? and loads of other questions. wtf is my teacher dreaming? cb.

i borrowed the stuff from yi rui anyway, which made it all the more fruitful. studied till 4plus then we both went to play bball.

joker yi rui play until so docile hahahaha. think cause he playing with strangers then dun dare to get too physical. anyhow. totally different when he's playing with us softballers.

FACT OF THE DAY #1 tan yi rui was primary school basketball team. FACT OF THE DAY #2 keefe tan was primary school basketball team too. all star point guard. hahaha.

quite fun leh. basketball's always fun. especially when u make tough shots and game winning shots. heh heh heh heh xD

2 days left, here's my progress for those kiasu fellow rafflesians out there who want to know how Keefe The Mugger is faring:

completed: all the topics tested in open ended section(ie. DNA, replication, mutation, etc)
left: all the topics tested in MCQ section (proteins, carbo, fats, lipids, enzymes, membranes, etc)
verdict: still okay

completed: organic chem, alkanes, alkenes, arenes
left: all the other earlier topics
verdict: fine

completed: none
left: everything
verdict: GGXX

completed: everything except firms
left: firms
verdict: good


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