Wednesday, June 28, 2006


okay it's common tests period but today i got no paper haha so it's slack time.


i STILL haven't touched maths, and maths paper is tmr. but bio paper on friday is kinda settled already.

new song, it's called Chen Mo Wan Ju which means "lonely toy". watch the 2nd part of the song, Cao Ge gets angry and shows his vocals once again. lol.

econs was quite okay i think. lol for paper 2, i chose question 2 which had part (a) and part (b). kuan fu was telling me after the paper that he wrote 2 pages for part a (10marks) and 1 page for part b (15marks).

i told him i wrote 1 page for both.

anyway chem was actually easy. i thought it was quite easy but i guess i shld have let it just remain a thought cause after i said it out loud the only thing i received was a black eye.

damn. section c was easiest leh. but for section A the first 2 multiple choice questions on Stoichiometry just simply demoralized me. lol.

i guessed the answer for both questions and I ACTUALLY GOT THEM RIGHT lol. guess as in seriously pick one that looks the most correct wahahahaha.

okok, going to study now. meanwhile check this funny shit out. How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked by the police, from the Chris Rock show. hilarious.

REMEMBER TO PRESS PLAY AND THEN IMMEDIATELY PAUSE. wait for the video to load completely, then start watching.


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