Saturday, July 01, 2006


whooohoooo. end of common tests yesterday. and what was the first thing i did? have a McDonald's Pepper Drumlets Meal lunch.

i keep seeing it in advertisements everywhere, publicising it as THE world cup meal. wtf. so i decided to give it a try. it was probably my last.

wtf. FIRSTLY it cost $6.85. for FOUR pieces of pepper drumlets, twister fries and green tea.

secondly, WHAT does the "let" in "drumlet" mean? YES. just as "pigLET" means "small pig", "drumLET" means "small drumstick".

cb. their drumLET really damn small. wtf. 4 pieces of small chicken, which don't even taste special. everyone knows KFC is THE authority in chickens besides geylang, if u know what i mean.

thirdly, the drumlets were FREAKING OILY. wtf. the drumlet skin was damn thick. i peeled it off and underneath it was a layer of white fat. WTF. and once u peel the skin off u are practically left with half the drumlet, so u are kinda supposed to eat everything.

and THAT means fat, fat and fat. now we know what Ronaldo's favourite meal is.

FOURTLY, the twister fries. wtf i used to really like twister fries. but now they have got too salty to be devoured. YUCKS. damn freaking salty, and some were burnt. (read: BLACK in colour)

the only good thing was the green tea.

sad. mcdonalds, sigh.

ANOTHER NEW CAO GE SONG! whooohooooo from his album again. i like i like. ENJOY.


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