Thursday, July 06, 2006

World Cup fever.

world cup fever has hit me. literally.

been down with fever since tuesday. damn. but still been going to school. i think now the fever slightly gone but the sore throat still persists. and it's REALLY SORE.

wtf i dun even dare to swallow my saliva cause it will hurt like crap. AS IN REALLY HURT A HELL LOT. wtf i've never experienced such a sore throat before.

anyway. france won, so's predicktor still rings true.

this are the predicktor's final predictions for the remaining 2 world cup matches:

Germany 2-0 Portugal (Germany clinch 3rd place)

France 1-0 Italy (France win the World Cup)

whoohooo hope france wins seriously.

anyway enjoy this song! it's a switch to english songs, with this new switchfoot song! lol. it's called Stars, probably alot of u have heard it before, but this is the acoustic version, which is alot nicer and easier to listen to. cheeers.


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