Tuesday, July 04, 2006

wtf, another singaporean blogger wants to bite the dust?

i am feeling quite annoyed now. if u all remembered, the Viva World Cup committee called me up and asked Cybergamings club to set up a Fifa World Cup 2006 gaming stall during the Viva World Cup festival, which is gonna be held next next Saturday, 15 July, from 9am onwards, at RJC.

i thought that my blog probably gets more hits a day than the Viva World Cup website (LOL!) so i decided that i should publicise it abit on my blog, after all we are gonna play a part as well.

i forgot the website address, so i decided to do a search on Google by typing the words "Viva World Cup RJC". smart me.

the first website that turned up in the search was some guy's blog, and he was actually talking abt it. i think he has a team which is gonna participate in the soccer competition or sth, but that's not the point. i saw something that made my blood boil. here's a screenshot.

wtf? the word CHINA in caps and bold somemore, as if there's something wrong with China scholars organising it? wtf? the organizer spoke to me and he's a really nice guy. so i dun see anything wrong. wtf. trying to start a war here issit. he has a poor excuse for a face, to begin with.

go feel free to leave ur comments on his tagboard. dammit. he calls himself humourboi. that was anything but humourous. bloody hell. and he claims to be working in the government sector somemore. WTF?

ANYWAY. here is the Viva World Cup website. www.vivaworldcup06.com

more on what cybergamings is doing. we are gonna set up a Fifa World Cup 06 gaming stall (PS2/xbox, still undecided). pay to play, winner stays. all proceeds will go to charity.

sounds damn fun, i'll be there. those soccer game pros shld go down and CHALLENGE ME. hahahaha. remember, Saturday July 15th. 9am onwards till about 6pm. at RJC. all are welcome.


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