Friday, July 21, 2006

sprained ankle

eh sian. i sprained my ankle just now wtf.

TODAY IS FRIDAY. friday=PCB sportsday of the week.

every friday, PCB gets together and has fun, bball, soccer, frisbee, u name it, we got it (thanks to yejie who can get everything from council room LOL)

we met at canteen and already started anyhow-ing. steward burst a ribena packet that he blew up and it exploded DAMN FREAKING LOUDLY and the sound resonated through the whole canteen lol. everyone turned around to look. hahahahaha. crazy.

so PCB went to play soccer at the semi-D. damn fun. then i sprained my ankle. smart. my dad couldn't come and fetch me home cause he was working. so i had to go home by myself. BY TRAIN.

i was supposed to rest my ankle and ice it. lol but after a while i thought i could move and walk so i decided to just walk home. ice wasn't available anyway.

walked the whole stretch from rjc to bishan mrt. lol crazy. "limped" is a better word. whoohooo.

sunday, which is 2 days from now, i have a men's league softball match. national men's league is what s-league is to soccer in singapore and epl is to soccer in england. it's basically a softball LEAGUE and we are a TEAM in it. cool.

probably like chelsea. heh heh heh. ownage.

THEN next week is interhouse sports carnival. like wtf i've been training for 100m leh. then sprain ankle. just today during PE i clocked two 12.6 sec timings in a row. cb lah 12.6 cannot win, but maybe got medal chance. it's quite open.

monday - basketball
tuesday - hockey/floorball
wednesday - frisbee
thursday - soccer/tenis?
friday - 100m, 4x100m, 400m?

SHIT LAH HOW. i have to recover fast. gogogogo.

meanwhile enjoy this song, if u haven't already been enjoying it. and YES u got it right it IS cao ge singing my way. mitchell ripped the song from the youtube video and made it into an mp3 file whoohooo. so now everyday i can wonder at his vocals.

eh he really sings with alot of emotion. listening to him sing this song i can almost cry. seriously. amazing.


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