Friday, July 28, 2006


okay okay here is's LONG OVERDUE update on the IHC.

just came back from track & field meet. super happy lah. but let's start from monday.

MONDAY. interhouse basketball. me, steward, yi qin, aston, avery, teck ming. first match we lost to buckley. we won hullett next.

lol i actually scored the winning basket to make it 18-16 but i didnt know until after the match when everyone was like wahhh game winner sia haha. wah i thought we were leading by alot lor so i made the shot. if i knew we were tied i would have been damn pressured. lol.

moor was next. me and steward didnt play cause we said we'll come in during 2nd half. when it was half time we were actually LEADING the DEFENDING CHAMPS 18-10. so of course me and goon decided not to go in. why tinker with a winning formation? but angry moor threw in Ray Wen and Jerik in the 2nd half and it was ggxx. they rallied back to win it. damn it.

last match was against morrison. we won. so in the end win 2 lose 2, clinched 4th position overall.

TUESDAY. nothing. they wanted me to go for tennis but after the basketball matches on monday my ankle was hurting like crap and i decided to rest and spend my time in my home turf - in comb lab 7 cybergaming. lol.

WEDNESDAY. frisbee! PCB were widely anticipated to clinch gold. i went down, but didnt play for more than 5mins. expected the rest of the more experienced PCB to finish the job but ALAS! we lost 2 and won 2 to finish a meagre 4th. very disappointed.

THURSDAY. soccer! supposed to go for volleyball but sean zhong called me wednesday night and asked me to go down for soccer so okay. first match was against buckle buckley. barely a minute passed when my diving header was saved at point blank range by the buckley goalie. DAMN. drew 1-1 in the end.

next match was against hullett. crazy. lost 3-1.

then it started raining. so soccer was postponed in the end, till next thursday.

FRIDAY. WHICH IS TODAY. track and field! whooohoooo. went down at 3.10pm. was feeling quite sleepy lah wtf haha AND my ankle was STILL not 100%. started to warm up and everything. after all 100m was scheduled to be at 3.30pm. then 3.26pm IT STARTED RAINING damn heavily. wtf.

had to wait. totally cooled down and became damn stoned. haha. they set the time at 4pm. and sure enough by 3.50 it started clearing up. mark tang said his thigh was dead already and went off. lol. dunno where he disappeared to but he got IAN VANDERPUT to take his place.

good thinking on morrison-richardson's part, but bad for everyone of us. u will know why later.

the races were straight finals. meaning everyone runs ONCE only, and they compile all the timings and the 3 fastest get the medals. haha.

my finals was with IAN VANDERPUT, kuan fu, aik kwan, and 2 other guys. i finished 4th la damn it all the others so fast cb. haha. i think overall im like 5th if im lucky, but probably 6th or 7th. IAN VANDERPUT was 11.3 secs CRAZY ASS.

then straight after that was 400m. hell i didnt even sign up but yejie said bayley short of runners so OKAY for the sake of my beloved house i decided to go run. the worst part about running 400m is u can see everyone chionging ahead in front of u and u are damn pressured to chiong after them.

the race started and after 100m 4 people were already like ahead and im like SHIT but i had to keep disciplined and stayed at my own pace.

bong chionged all the way till the 300m mark then he lost steam. lol. when i turned to the last 100m there were 3 guys in front of me. cb i started sprinting. then i heard someone (a girl's voice, lol) from the stands shout "GO KEEFE" and i pushed even more. overtook 2 other guys and just finished behind stuart. whoohooo damn happy lah. 1.01mins. last year i ran 1.07 so it was a very good improvement.

some came to congratulate me on a good finish to the race and yeah i kinda liked it very much myself. haha. ok hell i liked it alot.

after that felt damn crap. my chest was damn pain lah then upper stomach also. felt abit like vomiting and abit like gastric pain. dunno la. rested lor was about to sign up for 200m also LOL. i think if i went i probably would have collapsed.

GOON finished 2nd overall for 200m! whoohoo. guess who got first lah cb IAN VANDERDRUGS. i am SURE he ran 100m, 400m and 200m CONSECUTIVELY with hardly any rest in between and finished 1st for ALL. wtf.

4x100m i ran again. me, steward, some indian guy, and avery. finished 4th. quite sucky.

then came the last part. INTER CCA 4x100m relay! LOL. supposed to have softball own everyone's ass or at least put up a good fight but mark tang was NOWHERE IN SIGHT, kuanfu said no cause he just ran 4x400m and was too tired, and shou yee said no cause he very slow in 100m.

so it's like WTF left me. then i spotted steward and aik kwan. they said they wanted to run and were finding 2 more. so i asked them to join me lah and we run under RAFFLES CYBERGAMINGS. after all im the chairman so if i say allow, means allow. hahahahaha.

then heard from someone that WONG LI said he really wanted to run as well so OKAY gogogogo aik kwan went and called him over to join us. haha he agreed so SET gogogo.

when the person announced on the loudhailer the CCAs involved in intercca 4x100m everyone went hysterical after hearing "RAFFLES CYBERGAMINGS" as one of the CCAs after a list of "rugby team 1, soccer, canoeing, track, hockey, etc".

hahahaha. one of the trackers said it sounds funny that a bunch of computer gamers are actually running. and alot others were like laughing and saying "GO CYBERGAMINGS"

i was first runner, wong li ran 2nd, aik kwan ran 3rd and steward ran last.

we ended up pwning all and finishing first in our finals LOL damn satisfying. got 3rd overall behind track and rugby team 1. haha a medal for me!

lol damn fun lah. the joke's that cybergaming guys were so damn fast cause we had boots of travel and picked up a haste rune. ahahaha JOKES.

my thighs are hurting like crap now. i figure it will only get worse tmr. but im damn happy lah. today's one of the best days of my rjc life even though i only brought home 1 bronze medal.

yayyyy next year's gonna be even more fun:)


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