Sunday, August 13, 2006

the 2 "C"s.

ok im here to quickly talk abt the 2 "C"s. CHELSEA and CLICK.

CHELSEA. it's also the reason why i need to talk quickly. cause the match has already started. here's the deal. chelsea vs liverpool tonight, FA community shield. for those of u noobs it's a annual match before the start of the season between the Premier League winner and the FA Cup winner.

so here is desperadoz's bold prediction. my beloved chelsea WILL WHOOP liverpool. if not whoop at least will win. that's why i've already betted with yi rui and james. same bets somemore. if they win i win double but if they lose then ggxx.

2nd thing. CLICK. it's a damn nice movie. everyone shld go watch. there's loads of hype about The Lake House but if u, like me, prefer action/comedy/horror ANYTIME to sad sob romantic dramas, then Click's for u.

it's funny, yet dark. kinda reminds me of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickett. it makes u laugh but also makes u cry. or almost.

WTF LIVERPOOL JUST SCORED IM SURE. LOUSY goalkeeping by carlo cudicini lah CB im sure liverpool 1-0 chelsea now.

ANYWAYS. click is a very good movie. thought provoking. seriously. entertainment to the max. go catch it. i shall go watch my beloved chelsea now cb lah im sure they trailing by a goal now.

THEY WILL MAKE A COME BACK. or tmr in sch i ggxx lose 2 bets.


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