Thursday, August 10, 2006


whooohoo. 2 days of marathon birthday parties in yio chu kang. lol.
p.s. check out this new song it's by jolin cai it's a damn nice song and the mtv is really touching. i specially showed benny, yixuan and chayling during kbox haha.

TUESDAY. morning, prometheum day ceremony LOL i got my jc2 ccal into BIG trouble cause i forgot to tell him to bring a tie. then he had to run around school looking for one. OOPS. ran until damn jialat then in the end come back to LT2 a counsellor was waiting for him with a spare tie LOL.

the ceremony was damn funny lah. my j2 ccal passed me MY psp. lol jokes. shenglin said they couldnt really see what it was from the parade square anyways.

after the celebrations PCB supposed to go down to bukit batok for bowling at my recommendation (it's only $1.50 a game on weekdays) but ALAS the plan failed and they decided to go town.

i went kbox instead! hurrhurrr together with yi xuan, benny and chayling. DAMN FUN LAH. sang all the new cao ge songs muahahahaha. eh my voice was FEELING IT that day man i could hit all the notes so i tried even more difficult songs.

list of some of the difficult songs i hit (previously never even dreamt of singing)
1) wang lee hom - wei yi
2) wang lee hom - forever love
3) wang lee hom - kiss goodbye
4) jay chou - hei se you mo
5) taufik - me and mrs jones
6) cao ge - superwoman (ALMOST. lol)
7) cao ge - cheng mo wan ju
8) david tao - ai wo hai shi ta

AT NIGHT it was yi rui's party, 2 days ago. at his house in yio chu kang. nice food, nice place, nice time. slept over together with farhan, kuang hao and 3 of yi rui's classmates. here are some pics!

lucky yi rui got 4 cakes. wtf. gaying with munhay hahahaha there were sicker poses.

THE NEXT DAY morning i played with yi rui's dog. it's a female. damn cute lah. and the dog likes me. it used it's 2 front legs to grab me by my waist lol. and yi rui's dog is some molester. likes to touch people where the sun don't shine. horny bitch. literally. lol.

"hello. u're cute. i like you."

playing with it's, er, balls.

went home at around noon. bathed and did some homework for awhile and it was time to set off for yio chu kang AGAIN. for kuan fu's bday party. cb my dad had VIP sector tickets for NDP and wanted me to go but i turned him down just for YEE KUAN FU. damn nice lah. the tickets going for >$500 outside u know.

the food was even better. and the people were fun and pretty. hahahahahahahaha. pics pics pics!

the guys from kf's class gave him this shirt LOL. kuan fu, u are a big boy now. literally.

camera-shy kuan fu tries to hide his face lol.

the softballers! notice kuan fu gaying with me again like since sec 3 and shou yee's gay face. LOL.

kuan fu's soccer cake. haha. it's damn nice lah it's actually a jackfruit cake YUMMY.

group photo!

birthday boi yee kuan fu.

kuan fu making a wish before blowing the candles. probably along the lines of "no wishes this year. i already have everything that u have" or "please show me something i don't already have"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, birthday boys!


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