Monday, August 28, 2006

why we should all vote for JOAKIM GOMEZ

heyhey. update.

sunday afternoon. went cineleisure for a free movie. The Break Up. cause it was my dad's Police Family Day. lmao. free buffet lunch as well. the break up is a nice movie. ratings!

The Break Up starring Jennifer Aniston, Chris Vaughn.

The Good: Funny, entertaining dialogue. Things that happen may be relatable to what's happening between ur parents. Chance to see Jennifer Aniston butt naked. hot mama.

The Bad: Ending makes u go "huh? just like that?". Doesnt really give you the satisfying feeling that u get after watching Click.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

ANYWAY. read my title. im here to tell u all why we should all vote for Joakim Gomez.

last week was hilarious. all the judges except for the looney one with big boobs (or fat?) bombed joakim. damn funny. dick lee was being a dick, but i like! i cant believe he actually said he wanted to tell joakim to shhhhhhhh. COOL MAN.

then ah lian was even more direct, asking his fans to "allow him a dignified exit from the competition". BUT I BEG TO DIFFER. more details later on, so read on. hehheh.

ken lim is THE man. i dunno whether the few seconds of silence from the audience can technically sound better than joakim, but who cares that remark just HIT THE SPOT. hahahahaha i tell u joakim was ready to cry.

results show it was down to joakim gomez and nurul maidin. i had a feeling nurul was going to be out since last week. u can hear the audience's response whenever her name's called and u know it's simply not as loud as the rest. then inside i was secretly cheering joakim gomez on. whoooohoooo.

WHY the sudden change, DesperadoZ? after all DesperadoZ is known to be a outright critic of joakim's singing (or lack of). everyone says DesperadoZ sings better and joakim and, gee, it's actually kinda easy to just hold a tune, u know.

hell i pity joakim's classmates when he was in school, they probably had to put up with a tuneless and flat rendition of Majulah Singapura every morning during flag raising.

and the fact that he caused the pro fat ass (she actually lost weight as the competition got on, but stigmas usually follow u :D) Mathilda to exit from the competition simply didnt help increase his popularity with me.

yet i have changed my mind. yes, i am pleading for everyone of u to VOTE for joakim gomez. please. when Nurul got eliminated instead of joakim i was like YES YES YES. u know why?

cause MORE entertainment and fun next week! another extra reason to look forward to singapore idol every week.

more singing (now it's 2 songs a week), more judges comments (suanning him), more hilarious moments (especially from ken lim), more entertainment! hurrhurr.

SO VOTE FOR JOAKIM GOMEZ. i tell u the poor fella will kena suanned every week till he himself has no will to carry on in the competition. he'll be like going back every week just to get suanned again by the judges, who are obviously intent on getting him out of the competition.

i honestly didnt like the way Daniel Ong questioned nurul's sister after nurul's exit from the competition. like seriously his questions were damn wtf. like "who do u think shld have been eliminated instead of nurul?" IM SURE u ask such questions. lucky her sister was diplomatic enough to say "no comments", but DANIEL ONG KEPT PRESSING ON. wtf. whack him lah ccb. wtf was he trying to do man. seriously.

ANYWAY. vote for joakim gomez. the poor dude, as i've said, is gonna get suanned so badly every week till he pleads his fans to not vote so he can get out and save some face. but NO SUCH THING just continue voting! lol. show ur love (or immense disgust) for Joakim Gomez! vote him vote him. till he has to drag himself to the show every week, just to get panned by the judges, AGAIN! hahahahahahahaha then it'll be more laughter and fun for everyone of us watching at home every week. whoohoo.

vote joakim gomez. he's handsome, eligible, talented. well in certain ways, im sure of that. lol. till he gets into the final with Hady Mirza (that's my prediction for the final) and then the whole of singapore, or at least majority will vote Hady, leaving Joakim to cry with less than 1% of the total votes garnered.

there u go. masterpiece. so VOTE JOAKIM GOMEZ. especially if u hate him. :)

p.s. he has a friendster profile. cool.


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