Monday, October 02, 2006

DesperadoZ meets a spoiling-for-a-fight ah beng

OKAY end of promos. WHOOHOOOO. play play.

after promos PCB celebrated in the best possible way with the release of PARTY POOPERS in the canteen. lol. some girls got shocked until they scream. hahaha. damn loud lah. i like i like.

then came home to play bball near my house. that was when this entry's title happened. DesperadoZ met a spoiling-for-a-fight ah beng.

cb. i am quite pissed. okay now not that already. but just now was really pissed.

i was playing at one side of the court, then this guy who i play bball with quite occasionally asked me to get 5 pple on my side of the court to play a 5v5 full court match with the other side.

here's the deal. my side got me and a few Unity sec guys. sec 1 or 2 at most. the other side got my acquaintance and his friends. and my acquaintance, is a pai kia. more pai kia than shou yee (lol).

he plays bball with a cap on always. he is damn pro, but damn arrogant and has a cocky attitude. kinda typical pai kia lah. ANYWAYS we are on quite good terms lah. his friends, 1 of them is a guy in his 20s. tattoo all over. and got 3 others pai kia looking also lah. i mean this is the neighbourhood, what can u expect?

so we played lah.

this guy on the other team, he had kinda blonde hair. he was driving to the basket and got slammed by a fat guy on my team. he got quite pissed, and shouted "wah knn play until liddat ah?"

the guy say sry sry, but u could see this blonde hair's guy mood was spoilt.

and u see, this blonde hair guy knows me. rather, he has seen me play alot of times before. he knows im raffles and said "this raffles guy i mark".

okay lor. let him mark. i did a jump shot over him and scored.

he got quite pissed, kinda embarrassed. but didnt do anything.

then later my teammate shot and missed and the blonde haired guy got the ball and the whole court was open in front of him cause my whole team had pushed forward to attack >.< lol.

he started to chiong towards the basket. my teammates too tired to move lah so i just chionged back myself. as i tried to block the guy as he was making a layup, he faked me. damn. lol.

i recovered and jumped and hit the basketball board damn hard just as he was going up for the layup. this is some tactic i learnt from ray wen haha really throws ur opponent off.

true enough the guy missed and i jumped to get the rebound. my teammates who were STILL on the other side of the court were like WHOOHOO and cheering lah.

of course that made him even more pissed. -.- he said "xia lan". i have no idea wad that means lol. then he said "wah raffles u (some hokkien term) ah ?"

er i dunno wad he talking abt but probably cursing me lah. so i just dun care.

THEN he started his nonsense.

he walked around the court, shouting loudly, "that raffles only know how to dribble, fake and shoot nia"

true enough i did it. haha but missed oops then he was like "HAHA see i told u all hor"

inside i was like "wtf lah i dun even know him and he starts suanning me publicly". but just played on.

then i dribbled again, stopped, and pulled a 3 pointer.

he got even more buay song. guess what he did? he tried to COPY ME. LOL. he camped in our half and when he got the ball kept trying for a 3 pointer. of course none went in. stupid noob.

he continued his "raffles only know how to run then shoot" nonsense. i got quite pissed already lah. stole the ball then did a pass to myself off the board and alley ooped it in. take that, sucker.

it wasnt over. he AGAIN tried to copy me. OMG lol. i was like sniggering at him lah wad a stupid noob. he was throwing the ball at the board and either threw it too soft or it was intercepted. lame lah.

then he started to get physical. i was running all over, defending as well. he saw me and took the ball and charged at me. banged me abit then lay the ball in. it's not a foul lah. this kinda thing is normal in competitve basketball. but dude, it was totally unneccessary.

the 2nd time he got the ball and drove towards me again. he swung out an elbow as he did a lay up. wtf. i was getting quite pissed with his antics.

the 3rd time he got the ball, charged at me, then stopped. and he threw the ball at me. got back the ball, then tried to shoot. he missed but that's not the point. he was obviously trying to provoke me already. that was totally blatant. i mean u dun play bball and throw the ball at ur opponent. it wasnt very hard, thats why i didnt react. but i was really reaching boiling point. i was contemplating a confrontation.

then i started to dribble the ball from my half towards their half. he was standing at the half way line and as i dashed past he swung out a leg. wtf.

i was really damn pissed, but since he didnt contact i didnt do anything.

in the end the game ended. we lost i think haha. i went over to my teammates and was like "eh that blonde hair guy siao one". then they were like "yar lah kao pei so much dunno for what". another one said "eh he was aiming at u ah. keep saying u blah blah blah.."

i was like "yeah i know but dun care abt this kinda pple lah". then we left.

come to think of it, im really glad i managed to hold my temper. i guess i have matured from the hot tempered guy that i was a few years back. hahaha. or maybe im just humji. u see, DesperadoZ is not a guy who likes confrontations. seriously. i dun do this kinda shit.

but what should i have really done? shld i have confronted him? or just simply get physical with him? i mean seriously, if i wanted to, i would have owned him flat. really. sigh.

but i didnt act on impulse. if i did i would probably be in hospital right now? dunno lah.

but i think it's not wise to pick a fight when there arent any friends around and the guy u are picking a fight with is a pai kia. in the neighbourhood basketball court somemore.

dunno lah. DUN CARE.

TMR is outdoor buffet! WHOOHOOO kayaking, night cycling, abseiling, rock climbing, etc. fun fun fun. looking forward to it.



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