Sunday, September 24, 2006


hello i am back. lol how apt that i have picked up the updating during promo period. lol.

TRUTH IS, please STOP MUGGING, pple!

u see, u all mug = put stress on others who have already mugged so hard and feel like taking a break. like me. then we will be so stressed we decide not to rest and go mug too. then more and more mug. and everyone mugs more than the root beer (haha).

it's wrong. so if u are reading this NOW, PUT UR NOTES ASIDE and listen up.

TONIGHT is pure fun. SINGAPORE IDOL FINALS. 8pm. hady will own some ass.period. jonathan leong goes home crying, and so does shawn tan when he finds out his beloved jonathan doesnt win.

SECOND THING. CHECK OUT this really cool mp3 player at the bottom of the page. no more lame ass basic windows media shit. this is real. and i can store UNLIMITED number of songs which LOAD REALLY FREAKING FAST. so no more waiting and more song choices! just double click and it plays straight away. how cool is that. and u get to see DesperadoZ's exquisite music taste. hahahahaha.

tempted to put the whole jay chou's new album here. lol. we shall see. oh btw the uploading of the songs are really freaking fast as well.

talking about the songs check out the song Showstopper by new girl band Danity Kane. i saw the music video on MTV a few days back and i was like HOLY SHIT who are those hot chicks are they the Pussycat Dolls?

turns out no. Danity Kane is a girl band formed from the reality TV series Making The Band, created by none other than P. Diddy. and the girls are freaking hot, much hotter than the PCD, and the song is catchy and nice. ENJOY. (the pics as well =D)


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