Friday, October 06, 2006

back from camp!

hello all. im back from the odac-organised Outdoor Buffet.

it was quite fun actually.

on the first day we kayaked, then night cycled. kayaking was fun, although i would have preferred to kayak in a more physically demanding single kayak. but it was fun anyways. shared a kayak with clara, a pro basketballer. haha. chatted quite alot and before long we kayaked for more than 4 hours. fun.

then we had night cycling at night, which was one of the main reasons i joined the camp. it sounded really cool to do night cycling, and it didn't disappoint. i love cycling, and somehow at night it's so much nicer and more enjoyable. however we had to walk like 5km back to our campsite, cause we had to return our bikes and the bicycle kiosk was like 5km from our campsite. ANYHOW. damn far. lol.

2nd day we did all the ropes stuff. rock climbed, abseiled, flying foxed, then did the challenge ropes course. it was fun. kinda easy though. hurrhurr xD

at night it was some treasure hunt around the compound. oh btw the compound's just beside the National Service Resort and Country Club (NSRCC) which is in some ulu part of Changi. its called the MOE-something and the place is really windy but really noisy as well cause every 5 minutes a plane goes zooming past and it's damn freaking loud cause it's nearing landing and thus is travelling close to ground.

the closer a plane is to ground the noiser it is. so it was crazy and eardrum bursting. oh but at night u CAN fall asleep though cause either:
1) in the wee hours there are not much flights into singapore (less demand)
2) u are too tired and gets KO-ed immediately when u lie down

so anyways we had a fun treasure hunt. we finished 2nd out of the 4 groups there so it wasnt that bad haha.

overall it was a fun and enriching camp, though the food can be improved. and somehow i didnt get to enjoy it THAT much cause half the time u are really exhausted so maybe better lodging? LOL. dunno lah. but it would be a 3.5 stars out of 5.

SINCE promos are over i will in the coming days post a guide to PlayStation Portables (PSPs) since i consider myself an expert after browsing through countless articles on the web and gaining first hand experience. i will talk about what to do and stuff so if u are planning to get one (which is becoming a very popular product to purchase) it would be very good for you.

until then, have fun preparing for the PW Oral Presentation. DAMN.

and oh btw we got a new car! whoohoo. some big big toyota. i like. =D


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