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DesperadoZ's Ultimate Guide to the PlayStation Portable (PSP)

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here it is, DesperadoZ's ultimate guide to the PSP for all u psp noobs or thinking-of-getting-a-psp noobs.

BEFORE your fingers start to itch and u make hasty decisions, please spend some time reading through my comprehensive guide while enjoying the music from my playlist =D

DesperadoZ's Ultimate Guide to the PlayStation Portable (PSP)

1. What is a PlayStation Portable?

A PSP is primarily a gaming device, but it is capable of practically anything and everything. U can listen to mp3s, watch movies, play games and even surf the internet. It has built-in WIFI, thus go to any wireless hotspot and u can connect to the internet. Basically it is the ultimate entertainment device.

It has a USB point, so u can transfer files over to ur PSP from ur computer via a USB cable (costs abt $10) at a rather fast rate.

Games for the PSP are sold in UMD discs, which look like minidiscs and are slotted into a UMD slot at the top of the PSP. kinda like cartridges are for Nintendo's GameBoy. UMD discs can also contain movies, music, etc.

The PSP also has a memory card slot. It uses the MemoryStick Pro Duo memory cards. I'm using a 1GB memory card, gonna get my hands on a 4GB card soon, which is the biggest u can find in the market now.

2. I want to get my hands on a freaking psp!!!! What should I do?

You need to have some basic knowledge abt the PSP thus u have to continue reading this freaking guide, duh! Don't be like me, walking around Sim Lim Square clueless and only thinking "i want to buy a psp".

3. I heard that you can buy the PSP in many different versions. I am confused! How is this possible!

The PSP, like most tech gadgets, have VERSIONS. this version shit is damn important. When Sony first released the PSP, it was version 1.00. Then it got upgraded to version 1.50. This is the lowest version u can find in the market, i dun think there are any version 1.00 PSPs left.

Basically version 1.50 is the "pirated" version. Some pro guys who eat sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner figured out a way to configure the PSP such that it is able to play games without a UMD. meaning u can download the games from the internet (for free) and store it into onto a memory card for use on ur PSP. dun need to spend money on UMD discs which cost at least $70 per disc.

Of course, everyone turned to this method what. who wants to spend $70 per game for the PSP. crazy ah. so Sony was suffering losses and had to do something. Thus they decided to upgrade the PSP, such that the newer versions are unable to play downloaded games.

Upgrades are easily available from the internet. Just need to download the update from the Sony PSP website onto ur computer and then transfer over to ur PSP via USB.

So u are thinking who the hell would wanna upgrade their PSP right? Well Sony is, of course, (seemingly) smart. It had to, and did, include many new stuff in the upgrades. For example, version 2.00 had a web browser, which the version 1.50 didnt. This was a key feature in the upgrade and let to many pple actually upgrading their PSPs. The current version for the PSP is version 2.81.

Also, the game developers began to release games that REQUIRED ur PSP to have a version 2.00 and above to be able to play it. So even if u downloaded these games (which are very popular and fun ones like Winning Eleven 9) from the internet it won't work on ur version 1.50. This also gave rise to some upgrading unintentionally, as when u insert such UMD discs it sort of upgrades for you. So those who wanted to test out playing from an original disc and ended up crying. LOL!

Alas, it seems like the end for all the PSP pirates! Sony wins..but not for long.

4. Device Hook (DevHook)

All seemed lost for the PSP pirates.. all the newly released games could no longer work on their pathethic puny PSP version 1.50...

Until those same people who eat sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner came along.

They managed to create a program called Device Hook, which TRICKS your existing firmware (which is a version 1.50 since it can only work with version 1.50s) into thinking that it is actually a newer version.

Basically, you download the latest firmware upgrade from the official Sony PSP website, then transfer everything into your memory card, such that the firmware runs FROM your memory card and DOES NOT get integrated into your own original "hard drive".

There have been rumours that such a move will totally screw up your PSP but that is 100% UNTRUE. This is because everything is stored and ran from your memory card. If there is a program or corrupt file (which is highly unlikely) you can simply delete it from your memory card. Simple. And oh yes it does not screw up your memory card. This shit is 100% safe.

james lam says hi =p n tt he loves keefe tan.....

That was james lam. We're at the school library. And YES james lam IS back in singapore. lol.

ANYWAY. This DevHook shit is indeed imba. It's shit cause it's piracy, and piracy is bad. I AM A HIPFRIEND, remember. I DON'T SUPPORT piracy. nods.

So anyways you own a version 1.50, download the DevHook program straight off the internet (which usually comes with the latest firmware already), and just transfer everything into your memory card. Easy, simple, costless. You can now download and play all the latest games on your PSP again.

HAHA. sushi men own Sony. lol.

5. Selecting a PSP version to buy

So here's the deal. In the market now there are more than 1 versions of the PSP. You can buy the version 1.50 to be able to download unlimited games and save you hell loads of money, or you can be HIP and support originals by buying a version 2.60 or equivalent.

The version 1.50 is more expensive, for obvious reasons. The last time when i was buying the PSP the version 1.50 cost $330 while the version 2.60 cost $260. Yes there is a difference of $70, which is about the cost of 1 original UMD game disc.

The difference might put you off, but MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE. You can save more than $1000 worth of money in games through downloading. lol. Serious. So make the right choice.

If the shop is selling a version 2.60 PSP and a version 2.81 PSP at different prices, dude, what should you do? Duh WALK OUT OF THE SHOP. Don't be conned wtf. A version 2.60 can easily be upgraded FREE to a version 2.81 (if you have been reading the guide carefully u would have known as well).

Oh yeah, you could actually DOWNGRADE your PSP. Meaning you can save $30 and buy a version 2.60, then go back home and downgrade it into a version 1.50. However this process IS risky. Cause you are meddling with your PSP's firmware. There IS a chance of your whole PSP screwing up on you. In that case, you save $30 but lose $260. LOL. So i would recommend all of you NOT to take that risk.

6. Buying a PSP

Okay, so now you have got a brief idea on how the PSP works. Rather, how a "pirated" PSP works. lol. So now's the time to tell you HOW you should go about buying and selecting a PSP.

The BEST place to buy a PSP, or most electronic devices for that matter, is Sim Lim Square. But don't just rush into any shop to get your PSP. You wanna save money, be prepared to do a little work for it. Go around the shops and ask around for the version of PSP you want. Go to as many shops as you can (i think i went to all) and get the lowest price you can possibly find.

For me, the cheapest one I could find was a shop on the first floor. I can't remember where, but it wasn't a particularly big shop. PSP v2.60 at $260 and a v.150 at $330. One shop gave me a price of $290 for a version 2.60 wtf. jokers. saved $30 thanks to my hard work. hahaha.

Then you got to buy a screen protector. It's a must, the salesguy there will probably recommend it to you. To protect your PSP screen from scratches. You wouldn't wanna be playing games or watching movies on a scratched PSP screen. Costs about $15.

A USB cable is also a must. To transfer everything from your computer to your PSP. Simple. around $10 for one.

Lastly the most important one, a memory card. I would recommend a 1GB for all you non piracy supporters. It would be more than sufficient to store movies/songs. For all you (smart) people planning to buy a version 1.50 to download and play all the games in the world, I would recommend AT LEAST a 2GB memory card, even a 4GB if you are feeling rich. This is because games' sizes can range from 100mb to 1.1 GB so a 2GB would be a safe bet. You would then have much more spare space for songs/movies/other games.

7. Conclusion

So there you go. All you need to know about buying a PSP. Cheers and say thanks to me for my wonderful guide which I took quite long to write. Cheers and hope this guide was useful.


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