Thursday, October 26, 2006

finally a GOOD UPDATE

okay okay. since there have been pics and videos already, i shall do a proper update!


so firstly, the PCB tradition of acquiring mats. i mean, when u go to the beach, u GOTTA have mats on the sand right? so how can u get these mats? using paper of course. enjoy as chiam does the formalities.

now on to the even more fun part. remember in the previous post i talked about throwing mudballs? well here's the footage.

basically we played a game which, ironically, i thought of. we placed a frisbee face down on the surface on the water. it floats. then each of us takes turns to dump sand onto the underside of the frisbee. the one who dumps enough sand to make it sink LOSES and gets owned by mudballs from 11 other people.

guess what? i got owned. cb. all aim me. the frisbee sunk by others STILL AIM ME. lol.

watch closely as i try to withstand the mudball attacks at first, then it gets unbearable and I FLEE! lol.

lol then after that chiam gets owned! whoohoo.

finally, u have another one of PCB's favourites. only PCB does it. the royal rumble! a circular boundary is drawn in the sand and 11 people get inside with the aim of throwing people out. last man standing wins. enjoy.


anyways today was last day of school and it was fun as well. lol singing in the canteen with kaiyang.

crazy keefe.

i was also supposed to sing yesterday but had sore throat. haha spammed Strepsils ULTRA STRONG the whole day yesterday and my sore throat improved somewhat.

almost wanted to back out last minute lah. its crazy lor. seeing so many people in the canteen. siao la it was damn nerve wrecking. then i decided it was last day of school so might as well end it with a bang! well, sort of.

sang yellow by coldplay. it was crazy lah damn nervous. then i sang first line and everyone laughed. wtf. then it got better i guess. okay lah.

anyways happy holidays!


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