Wednesday, October 25, 2006

update update

hello. it's been 2 weeks since my last update so i decided to get my ass up and update.

nothing much has been happening lately. hmmm. yesterday PCB went to SENTOSA. ah that was fun.

all eleven of us (or twelve?) headed down to sentosa on a bright cheery hari raya puasa. we played volleyball, soccer, frisbee. we threw mudballs. wahahaha. the best part.

u see, wet sand is sick and slimy. scoop a big ball of wet sand up and sprinkle with dry sand. abracadabra, u got a big, hard mudball. throw it at people and it hurts. badly. when the whole PCB throws at you, it hurts like hell.

and they all cb aim me. wah pain.

nevertheless it was damn fun as always. but i dun have pics so now blogging abt it makes it seem boring. damn.

let's talk about other interesting stuff.

like tomorrow! i'm gonna perform with kaiyang in the canteen at 12.30pm. fun fun fun. watch out. lol. for us, that is.

until my brain decides to work and i get into the mood to blog nicer and funnier entries, so there. haha.

oh yeah i got new specs.


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