Tuesday, October 31, 2006

lol @ daniel yip.

check this hilarious conversation with daniel yip liang hoong. love it. i was telling him abt a guide i had to do for biology. we went to MacRitchie for some trail and basically had to do a short guide on the things we could see on the trail.

one of the organisms i was doing was the Fig plant and i was supposed to "present information in a fun and interesting way" so i thought i would share with daniel what i wrote.

[11:54:48 PM] keefe* : Adaptations: Hello, I am a Fig plant. I bear microscopic flowers on the inside of my fruit, and tiny wasps love to crawl inside through the small opening to lay eggs and pollinate my flowers. We have a symbiotic relationship. The wasps scratch my armpit, I scratch their armpits.

[11:55:49 PM] iAwake~12 Da: huh

[11:56:25 PM] keefe* : lol

[11:57:47 PM] iAwake~12 Da: how they scratch your armpit

[11:57:59 PM] keefe* : dude
[11:58:01 PM] keefe* : metaphor

[12:01:15 AM] iAwake~12 Da: whatever
[12:01:16 AM] iAwake~12 Da: its too off

[12:01:21 AM] keefe* : anyhow
[12:01:22 AM] keefe* : im sure
[12:01:27 AM] keefe* : its a commonly used phrase

[12:01:33 AM] iAwake~12 Da: bb


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