Saturday, November 04, 2006

the woes of a cybergaming chairman

okay hello. my cybergamings teacher-in-charge Ms Law smsed me today. asked me to send her the Cybergamings (and Game Design) member list by monday.

DOH! the problem is i don't know who my members are. well, at least not all. i mean every week there are different people in the lab. that's the problem with this CCA. but i roughly had an idea of who. just to make sure, i decided to publicly announce on MSN to see if i had missed out any.

thus my msn nick was: * keefe* WHO ARE THE cybergaming members? msg me NOW pls

then gavan suddenly msged me. [08:32:55 PM] gavan p: i can see ure a great chairman

i was stunned, but recovered well to shoot back a reply! [08:35:45 PM] keefe* WHO: THANK YOU!

then i realised.

[08:37:42 PM] keefe* WHO: lmao at the "WHO ARE THE". in caps somemore
[08:38:00 PM] keefe* WHO: i must change my nick
[08:38:03 PM] keefe* WHO: to protect my image!

thus i changed it.

[08:38:31 PM] * keefe* WHO ARE THE cybergaming members? msg me NOW pls has changed his/her name to keefe* fellow cybergaming members, msg me now. important msg for u all.

ah, the smartness of it all.

the list so far?

Raffles Cybergaming & Game Design
Member List 2006

Chairman: Tan Jing Wen Keefe
Vice-chairman: Galvin Bay
Secretary: Han Tinghui Christopher
Treasurer: Chew Bao Li

Yap Xiu Huan
Florence Lau Shu-yun
Charmaine Poh Zi Mi
Denise Loh Li Ping
Yip Liang Hoong Daniel
Tan Yi Rui
Gan Chong Zhi
Liew Kuang Hao
Tan Sheng Lin
Mohammed Farhan Harahap
Zeng Shenghong Paul


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