Sunday, November 12, 2006

soccer soccer

this morning i went to the SINGAPORE EXPO for soccer. in case u all don't know, i've been involved in this soccer tournament organised by the people from Faith Community Baptist Church. the soccer matches are basically 2 halves of 7 minutes each, at a field beside hall 9.

my dear good friend mr lim wei ren is from this FCBC, and he warmly invited me to join his team. after all, his team are in need of a certain 30 million dollar pound striker nicknamed "Sheva".

last week we played, and i was kinda disappointing. failed to score leh. but that's normal considering shevchenko was also missing the target for Chelsea. told u we were very much alike. wahahahaha.

this week, shevchenko has picked up form, with 4 goals in the last 3 matches for chelsea. just last night he scored 1 and assisted one. and u shall find out in a while how i fared.

anyways so this morning, i travelled ALL THE WAY to the other side of earth for the match. i was late. oops woke up late. turned out i missed our team's first match, which ended up 0-0. team manager wei ren said they were sorely missing the 30 million pound striker upfront. wahahahaha.

so i played the next match, and promised to deliver just like shevchenko did. my teammates laughed and pointed out that the "30million pound striker" failed to score last week and i merely assured them that i, like the real life shevchenko, will pick up form and score.

by the end of first half, and we were down 1-0. wtf.

yours truly was angry, and determined.

2nd half, and not long after johnny bai kicked a corner and it hit one of our opponent's hands. PENALTY.

wei ren immediately asked me to take it. i looked at the goal and it was kinda small so i was like "wah lao goal so small". my teammates heard me complain and got worried at my lack of confidence. lol!

i told them there was a possibility that i would miss just like frank lampard does. LOL. they got even more worried.

then someone told me to "dun ram the ball, just place it". i was like wtf the goal so small im sure can score without kicking it hard. so i dun care and just rammed it into the corner...... and scored. 1-1. shevchenko was getting it going man wahahaha.

then later i got the ball in from around the penalty area. i controlled it, turned and unleashed an unstoppable shot straight past the keeper, a la didier drogba! 2-1.

not soon after, i got the ball from midfield. looked up and saw 2 defenders in front of me. managed to dribble past them both and unleashed a shot from the side, which was not very strong but the keeper fumbled and it went over him! 3-1.

match ends. hat trick. whooohoooo. 1 win 1 draw and we were looking good for first place.

alas! last match of the day and we lost 0-2. wtf. so we ended up second. and no bananas for 2nd place. wtf.

i was quite disappointed, but then wei ren surprised me with a BIRTHDAY PRESENT. an adidas official CHELSEA soccer ball. WHOOHOOO.

shit i was damn touched i hugged wei ren wahahahaha. damn nice la him. first a chelsea mug from england and now a chelsea soccer ball for my birthday.

and tomorrow going kboxing with my classmates to sort of celebrate my bday? whooohooo fun.

who needs girls when u have friends like these?


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