Thursday, November 09, 2006

keefe's wonderful day + working!

okay before i talk about my wonderful day, let me talk about my work!

in case u all didnt know, i started working as a waiter at the Conrad hotel since yesterday. thanks to brudder kelly. lol and since then it seems all my friends now want to work there too.

in fact, i got zhao ying a job there too. brought him with me today wahahaha.

so anyways my job is fairly easy. i work at a restaurant which only serves breakfast. working hours are from 7am- 11/ 11.30/ 12. depends on the number of workers that day. cause the breakfast only serves from 6.00am to 10.30am.

the rush hour's usually from 7 to at most 9am. after that it's damn slack cause not much people. lol! oh yeah i get paid $6 an hour. sounds kinda meagre? well meals are free. and the meals are buffet. so yes i've been having buffet lunch, cooked by Conrad chefs themselves, taste really great, for the past 2 days. breakfast's free too but i cant seem to wake up early enough to go and grab a bite before my shift at 7am so nvm haha.

basically i ask people if they want somemore coffee/tea, and pour for them. i clear plates, and set tables. i dun even need to wash the plates just bring all the plates to the back where an auntie cleans it. haha. very easy job. lovely aircon environment and music creates a nice ambience. and NICE PEOPLE TOO. damn nice.

especially the in-charge, jasmine. damn freaking nice. especially today.

she pulled kelly me and zhaoying to the kitchen today and taught us how to make cappucino and latte using the coffee machine. then ended up each of us made one cup and we could drink it after that! so cool and its damn nice wahahahaha.

then later towards the end of the shift she suddenly chased me out of the kitchen. lol. asked me to "stop idling around the kitchen" in some "serious" tone. then okay lor i went back to the restaurant then most of the other waiters/waitresses not there. so obviously something fishy. ahaha.

after that she came and asked me to go into the kitchen cause she wants me "to wash some plates". LOL! i went there and everyone was waiting and jasmine took out a cake! then all sang happy birthday to me. DAMN NICE LAH i so touched i wanna cry.

jasmine said the cake was a Conrad speciality. CHOCOLATE ROYALE. and the cake REALLY DAMN NICE. wah lao.

she gave me a Conrad bear also. CUTE.

after that went buffet lunch again. lol. then met the softballers at dhoby ghaut! we went to paradign to play pool $5 per hour CHEAP.

lol face damn serious omg. look at the intensity in my eyes!

lol @ my smile and lol @ yamies

after that some of us went paradis to play daytona. haha.

THANK YOU ALL. yi rui, kuan fu, daniel, james, mark, chong zhi, xing wei, farhan, kuang hao, alvin nat, wee hao! and thank you KELLY. and thanks to the people at Conrad especially jasmine. not forgetting all those who wished me happy birthday, THANKS! whoohoo fun 17th birthday!


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