Monday, November 13, 2006

kbox kbox

went kbox with jean, yi xuan, kelly and gavan today.

we went to the ang mo kio one lol the one above the macs.

basically we were supposed to sing from 2-7pm.

ended up singing from 2-8.30pm and still nobody came to stop us. haha but we decided its too late so go home lor. its quite sick they dun bother about us one wahahaha. goood gooood value for money.

only bad point is that the place kinda smoky. =/

but can sing damn sick long. and the k student package so it only costs us $11. (with service charge and stuff it amounted to about $13.50)

the best part about today: omg i MANAGED TO CLEAR SUPERWOMAN. holyshit.

crazy crazy. i was feeling it after singing Hei Se You Mo and later Me and Mrs Jones. so i tried Qing Ren Jie Kuai Le, another Cao Ge song. i managed to hit it and then tried superwoman.

YESSSSSSSSSS i did it. then i tried all other cao ge songs there and i could too.

omg i damn happy. but that was probably one off. :(


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