Sunday, December 17, 2006

cao ge's 2nd album!


to all cao ge fans: cao ge is releasing his 2nd album on the 27th december. it's called Superman. LOL.

quite cool. i'll definitely go snap it up. can't wait, can't wait.

anyways these few days have been trying to study. i realised that school is starting REAL soon and i haven't done much.

dammit. studying abit for SATs and now currently touching on econs. i still have to block off some time for me to learn my guitar but it looks like it's gonna be tough. damn.

next week is gonna be fun i think. thursday kbox with my class! FINALLY. can go put out some cao jingwen performances. hurrhurr. sing superwoman again for the win!

and tmr there's the HH christmas party. hmmm maybe we softballers gonna go down after training tmr. haha. HadleyHullett is a really rocking good house man. best house in RJC!

i mean like during Interhouse Championships they go out and freefrag give all the other houses points and now organise such parties for people to indulge in food.

i like, i like.


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