Sunday, December 10, 2006

shanghai, suzhou, hangzhou.

the trip was overall quite fun. loads of memories and lots of interesting stuff happened.

i shall try to summarise. monday went to shanghai, tuesday went to su zhou, wednesday and thursday was spent in hangzhou, and friday saturday we were back in shanghai.

monday: i realised, at the airport, that we were going to be accompanied by my maternal grandparents and my grandpa's brother. oh btw, the one i visited at the hospital was my paternal grandma. she's doing fine now.

anyways first thing my grandpa did when he saw me was to hand me a stack of bundled 1000 ren min bi notes. LOL wtf. my mum told me sg dollars is ren min bi divided by 5 so that meant he gave me about SGD200 to spend.

he told me "ni yao mai she me jiu mai she me". lol. literally meaning what you want to buy just buy it.

the flight was cool. SIA = imba. i watched STEP UP. there was also miami vice and monster house but i ended up playing Grand Theft Auto on my PSP. LOL.

on my way back the plane had ON DEMAND movies = 60+ different movies and i watched Crash and Monster House.

monster house sucks. Crash is a damn good movie, if u like movies with twists. kinda like The Prestige. no wonder Crash won 4 Oscars. ho ho ho. it is a FREAKING GOOD MOVIE u all shld go and watch it.

the name of the movie kinda sucked though. especially since i was watching it on an aircraft. >.<

tuesday: the tour guide told us that "su zhou chu mei nu". meaning all su zhou = hot chicks. but bullshit leh i didnt see much. we went for some fashion parade and LOL i was saying my grandma looked better than some of them.

opposite our hotel in su zhou was a CD shop and i bought a bianca ryan CD from there! didnt know that bianca ryan got a CD out already. (bianca ryan is the 12 yr old child prodigy who has an inhuman voice. go watch her videos on my earlier post if u havent already done so)

whoohoo the CDs were cheap cheap cheap. one cd for 12 yuan. SGD$2 plus only LOL. then its like the CDs all damn anyhow. one CD got many many many albums lol. i saw a Jay Chou karaoke VCD (10yuan) which contained 90 songs. all his albums, even his newest one Still Fantasy. LOL! too bad i didnt buy. shld have. damn.

wednesday, thursday: hangzhou. beautiful. both the city and the pple. lol. hangzhou = hot chicks. tour guide told us that hangzhou was the #1 destination for people to live in. serene, peaceful, exceptional place. i like.

thursday night: i was playing Grand Theft Auto on my PSP and was about to complete mission #2142145424 when the analog stick dropped out. WTF. i shall go and repair it soon because now i CANT FIND THE DAMN WARRANTY CARD. nooooooooooooooooooo.

friday, saturday, sunday: back in shanghai. shopping. cold cold cold weather. the problem with shanghai now is that fake goods are practically gone. seems like the law has decided to get tough on these fakes and all the famous places selling really good imitations have all closed down.

so now u see people on the streets, with placards showing adidas and nike stuff. they will be like "come come got nike, adidas shoes, good!" then u are supposed to ask "where where!" and they shall lead u down secluded alleys and walkways to a concealed indoor place, where there are astonishingly real looking fakes galore. it has sort of like become a personal business.

quite interesting. like buying drugs or sth. lol.

ok immediately this morning i sped down after less than 4 hours of sleep to kallang for TRAINING. whooohoo it is good to see the softballers again. had a nice fun time.

tmr we softballers going bowling! WHOOHOOO.

pics of the trip soon!


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