Thursday, February 15, 2007

interhouse cybergaming!

hi all, here are the results to the recently concluded interhouse cybergaming.

1st: BB 17 pts
2nd: BW 13 pts
Joint 3rd: HH, MR, MT 4 pts

1st: BW 23 pts
2nd: HH 7 pts
3rd: MT 6 pts
4th: MR 3 pts
5th: BB 1 pt (only 1 out of 3 teams turned up, resulting in a walkover for their opponents, which, coincidentally, were both MT teams. thus MT got 2 free points thanks to BB. lol)

1st: BW 36pts
2nd: BB 18pts
3rd: HH 11pts
4th: MT 10pts
5th: MR 7 pts

damn sian we lost our dota finals and got 2nd for dota. if not got 2 trophies already! zzz.

nevertheless our CS was pwnage. quite happy. 1st for CS! and a trophy! 2nd for dota too.

not a bad outing by the cybergaming chairman.

the most impt thing is BAYLEY WADDLE finishes FIRST for interhouse cybergaming and gets 6 points! whooohooo.


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