Sunday, February 11, 2007

interhouse cybergaming SCHEDULE

Raffles Junior College
Interhouse Cybergaming – Defense of the Ancients: Schedule of matches

** ALL PARTICIPANTS are reminded to be at Computer Lab 7 15-20 minutes before their scheduled time as games may not last till 1 hour.

Monday: Dota Round One

Game 1:

BW 2 vs HH 2

Lim Weiyuan vs Yang Zi Jian
Nigel Tan vs Leo Xin Rui
Tan Chian Fern vs Choo Yan Long
Tan Mao Lin Liu vs Choo Ee Sin
Ng Yong Han vs Goh Boon Leng

Game 2:

MT 1 vs. BB 1

Lim Fang Jin vs Eugene Ong
Lim Yi Xiang vs Jerome Tan
Kwek Kean Yung vs Danny Goh
Tan Shihao Sean vs Lincoln Luk
Koo Yi Jing vs Gan Ming Kiat

Game 3:

MR 2 vs. BW 1

Quah Wai Kuan vs Edric Lee
Ng Huan Bin vs Keefe Tan
Teo Shu Li vs Darren Yeo
Fu Haidong vs Alan Wong
Nicholas Chong vs Koo Chieh Sian

Game 4:

MR 3 vs. MT 2

Tang Yaming vs Ng Kwok Leung
Sean Yap Chuan Sheng vs Philip Tan
Zhang Wei vs Koh Wei Chee
Remus Whang vs Chan Jing Xiong
Ng Yong Sheng vs Harold Teo Ron Han

Game 5:

HH 3 vs. BB 3

Lee Zhun Wen vs Lia Wentao
Darryl Ang vs Jiang Ling Zhang
Gregory Toh vs Chau Xunli
Liu Mao Sheng vs Xing Zheng Rong
Jeremy Tan Chong Dao vs Li Yip Hei

*Game 6: BW 3 (auto walkover as there are 15 teams, so 1 blank spot)
Game 7:

MT 3 vs. MR 1

Tan Aik Kwan vs Alexander Wong
Tan Qing Yuan vs Ho Jun Yi
Chan Ziteng vs Ho Yihan
Lim Raywen vs Wu Jiwei
Aaron Wong vs Nigel Yeo

Game 8:

BB 2 vs. HH 1
Chew Yu Jun vs Samuel Tan
Alex Loh Yuen Hua vs Lee Tian Mun
Andre vs Zhang Yin
Tay Xian Jie vs Tay Bing Wen
Lu Yi Ding vs Foo Zhan Yuan

Tuesday: Dota Round One and Two

Game 9: Winner of Game 1 vs Winner of Game 2
Game 10: Winner of Game 3 vs Winner of Game 4
Game 11: Winner of Game 5 vs Winner of Game 6
Game 12: Winner of Game 7 vs Winner of Game 8
Game 13: Winner of Game 9 vs Winner of Game 10
Game 14: Winner of Game 11 vs Winner of Game 12
Game 15 (Finals): Winner of Game 13 vs Winner of Game 14
Game 16 (Consolation Finals): Loser of Game 13 vs Loser of Game 14

Dota Point System
1st: 10 points
2nd: 6 points
3rd: 4 points
4th: 3 points
5th-8th: 1 point
All teams: 1 participation point


Format: 5 vs 5
Duration: Until winner is determined
Winner: destroys opponent’s World Tree or Frozen Throne 1st or if opponent surrenders
Game Mode: -ap
Hero Choice: Drafting – each team chooses 1 hero alternately
*Players are not allowed to change seats once game has loaded

Abuses and exploits will result in a disqualification or removal of a team member:
- Tree trapping (trapping enemies in trees intentionally is not allowed)

- Pooling (Pooling of any sort is not allowed. A player can only use items bought with his own money or pick up items from opponents or a fallen teammate)

- Creep Blocking (Creep blocking of any form either with neutral creeps or summons is disallowed but creep slowing is allowed)

- Sharing of control is not allowed

- Bug exploitation (teams are expected to know what these bugs are)

If shortage of time (>80min/game resulting in com lab needing to close, use the following to award winner, if obvious: check kill death ratio and number of barracks left)


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