Friday, January 05, 2007

update, update!

hello all. this is my long overdue update!

chiangmai trip was FUN. i kinda miss it already. damn. it's always the case isnt it. just like OBS, orientation, etc. after everything is over then u start missing it. haha.

we clinched silver in the men's open, losing to NUS in the finals. damn. NUS got all the ex-RJC pple who are perhaps just a bit better than us. or maybe we were just quite unlucky that day lol.

went for a traditional thai massage on our last night in chiangmai and it was rather good. 2hrs for about SGD20+. and special services after that some more.


will put up pics soon.

in the meantime, its back to school, crashing OGs, and DotA! hahahaha.

oh btw i bought CAO GE'S NEW ALBUM, superman! whoohooo. i want to put its songs but ASKNLEARN cannot liao. so damn it. i have to find a suitable host again.



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