Saturday, April 07, 2007


ahhh. keefe finally bothers to update.

ok life's been fine, results have been lousy, except h3 chem. LOL.

school's been good too. not that much schoolwork, fun in class.. hahaha.

oh yeah. i watched Cars last night. on my psp.

it's damn cool, switchin on the air con, lying on my bed, watching a movie on my psp with earphones on for maximum sound effects. NICE.

Cars is a really nice movie. it's up there with King Kong, The Guardian, The Prestige, etc. as one of my all time favourites.

its graphics are good on my psp, and the storyline's quite nice. there are many funny moments and then there are sad emotional moments. quite a good balance. NICE.

tmr i shall watch the blair witch project. hohoho. perhaps watch it at 3am. can't wait. DesperadoZ LOVES HORROR MOVIES =D

btw chelsea will pwn. and win the quadruple.


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