Monday, March 26, 2007

SRC pics

hello all.

long overdue post abt SRC. src was fun, we emerged champs, i struck out 5 pple and hit 1 home run out of 1 at bat. not bad (pun intended) la.

but u see, there went our march holidays. BOTH saturdays and sundays of the holidays were spent on the SRC tournament, and monday and wednesday was on training.

thus the sucky results. today got back bio and wtf. yi rui, james and me all got 52%. LOL. for me its excusable im noob. for yi rui not his strongest subject. BUT JAMES CAI! alas, u h3 bio student wtf u h2 bio get liddat. hahahah=P

no worries, more bad news to come tmr.


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