Friday, June 22, 2007

quick update!

hello hello. i've been very busy so here is what has been occupying my time and should occupy yours too -- YOUTUBE VIDEOS.

these are all really must watch. if u are into music.

BACKGROUND INFO: One Million Star. One Million Star, or 超級星光大道, is the biggest singing talent show in Taiwan at the moment. and the show basically proves one fact: that TAIWAN HAS LOADS OF TALENT. unlike singapore? lol. the talent show in taiwan is seriously of a much higher standard than singapore's.

DON'T MAKE ME GO INTO HOW I SING SO MUCH BETTER THAN some of the campus superstar guys. lol.

anyway. TALKING POINT: this guy called Yang Zong Wei. 楊宗緯. arguably the best singer in the competiton, got shortlisted into the final 6, then got sensationally exposed to have lied about his age. he is 29, but signed up as 23. in the end, he withdrew from the competiton out of will.

of course, by that stage of the competition, already had legions of fans, hence everyone clamoured for him to rejoin the competition. up to date, i... have no news whether he has indeed rejoined the competition. stupid official website aint got no news.

here is a video of one of his performances: singing CAO GE'S BEI PAN. eh CAMPUS SUPERSTAR GUY, this is how u sing it dude.

here is another guy, Xiao Jing Teng, 蕭敬騰. he challenged Yang Zong Wei and sang BEI PAN too. this guy ah, at first his singing sounds wierd. he has this wierd accent, and doesn't pronounce his words properly. but u CAN hear that his vocals are really strong and powerful. my sis though disagrees vehemently that he can sing, cause she claims "if a guy cant pronounce his words properly he's a lousy singer."

you decide.

finally, it was PK time. meaning, the both of them face off on the same week, sing the same song, and the judges will grade them. the one with lower points will have to leave the competiton. watch and see what happens, as they both attempt to sing Xin Bu Liao Qing, which was sung by a girl, which Cao Ge sang live before, and which i can sing too. =D

LOVE singing the high parts xD


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