Friday, July 13, 2007

07s03g class outing!

hello here are some pics from our class learning journey/outing to watch Dim Sum Dollies!

before that me, shawn, kuan rui, ningrui, jeremy and jerik went bowling at hougang!
hurrhurr here are our scores lol.

first game!

second game!

all of us


REVIEW: The Dim Sum Dollies - History of Singapore
DesperadoZ's rating: 3/5 stars

i didnt think dim sum dollies was particularly good. yes it was entertaining, humourous, witty, but only at certain times. most of the time i found the jokes kinda lame.

some of the sick jokes were way too sick. they sort of induced a "OH MY GOD did they just say that!!!?" reaction rather than a "LOL SICK lmaoooo". its like you go esplanade and you think they would at least have some kinda basic standard in their jokes. but it turns out they didnt really give a thought about class.

anw the other thing that irked me was how the play was so overwhelmingly anti government. hell i think even mr brown does it milder than them; the dim sum dollies looked like they were having a field they being anti government, and especially anti Lee Kuan Yew.

like dude, give him some respect man. i personally have the greatest respect for him. after all he is the founding father of singapore. instead, the dim sum dollies suanned him excessively, even to the point of mocking his crying on national television (during singapore's separation from malaysia).

that, i felt, was way too much. im sure mm lee himself would be quite pissed if he watched the show.

ironically, after all the excessive government bashing, the dim sum dollies sang national songs like "We Are Singapore" at the end of the play and even proclaimed that they will be present at the National Day Parade this year.

now how's that for utter irony?


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