Tuesday, September 04, 2007


hello all. im here for an update.

oh yeah, and i updated my wishlist. look to your right. =D

anw im taking precious time off my huge busy studying schedule to update my blog cause some notable individuals have been clamouring for an update. most notably, i noted, was liu zheng hong.

liuzhengman really wants me to update, saying "your blog is damn guailan i love to read".

this, of course, is extremely surprising considering that DesperadoZ has mentioned a number of times in the past that he was getting serious, as evident in my latest few posts. (including the one abt Keefe the Softballer) LOL.

anw i have a number of things to talk abt:

1) Prelims

of course, the most important thing in my life now. (and shld be yours too, if u're a jc2 student reading this) starts next week. not much time left. no more dota. just study whole day. gogogo. dean's list dean's list dean's list.

2) Chelsea

wtf. just barely a week ago i was asking my frens "What's the difference between Man U and a triangle?" ("a triangle has 3 points").

LOL! then they tyco scrape a 1-0 win over tottenham. so never mind. 5 points. i decided to ask the difference between Man U and a Benzene Ring. lmao. then they scrape another 1-0 win over Sunderland, courtesy of my personal favourite Louis Saha. fine enough.

then my beloved chelsea had to lose. their didnt play well, although dominating the match, it was rather squeezed. they kept attacking down the middle and didnt go down the flanks as often as they shld have. damn. and now Big Daddy Abramovich is pissed. ggxx mourinho.

3. Team USA

okay, it seems not many people know abt Team USA and their imba ownage exploits, so i shall share them with u all here. basically, this year the high profile NBA stars decided it was time to represent their country, after watching their beloved Dream Team get pwned by other countries like Argentina and France the past few years. so up stepped Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard. ouch.

they participated in the recent FIBA World Basketball Championships, played 10 matches, won all 10, and had an average win margin of 30+ points. PWNAGE.

anw if u watch the videos u will notice that the americans took alot of 3 point shots. that's cause in the NBA their 3 point line is damn far; further than anywhere in the world. and in a European tournament like this, shooting a 3 pointer is just like shooting a normal 2 pointer in the NBA. lovely.

of course why do i need to talk so much when i got the VIDEOS for you. enjoy the sick plays. seriously. watch out for kobe bryant number 10.

USA vs Venezuela. watch out for the play at 0:50. pure sick.

Team USA vs Argentina (argentina are reigning olympic champs)

lol then i was reading wikipedia abt the Dream Team (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_national_basketball_team) and i saw this line.

"Two games later, in a 106-94 victory over France, Vince Carter of Team USA executed what some call "the greatest dunk of all-time", literally jumping over 7'2"/2.18 m French Center Frederic Weis on his way to the basket"

LOL. i HAD to check it out. and thankfully, i got it all here for you.

and.. lastly. as a parting gift for the prelims, why not watch this video to get the adrenaline rushing. its the top 100 dunks by one of the greatest slam dunkers of all time, vince carter. ENJOY.


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