Friday, April 27, 2007

Human Organ Transplant Act (HOTA)

lol looks like im gonna be writing a GP essay today. but pls hear me out, this is an issue i feel quite strongly abt.

it's abt the Human Organ Transplant Act (HOTA). in July 2004, Hota was amended to state that kidneys, livers, hearts and corneas suitable for transplant may be removed from all Singaporeans and permanent residents upon their death, unless they have opted out. Muslims are exempted, and need to opt-in to this scheme if they want to. before that, everyone had to opt in.

since it now becomes mandatory, when people turn 21, they will receive a letter from the Ministry of Health telling them abt this scheme that they are now part of. people who want to opt out can then do so by replying the mail, if they are too lazy to do so or otherwise, then they stay in the scheme.

although most singaporeans/PRs stay in the scheme, most cause they are too lazy to opt out, there is an increasing number of singaporeans who are opting out of this scheme, especially in the age range of 21-29 years old.

of course, the immediate consequence of doing such a stupid thing will be that these people are given a lower priority for donor organs if they ever need one. duh right. it is only fair.

and the far-reaching consequence will be, obviously, that they are bloody selfish and depriving another person of a chance at life if they happen to unexpectedly die.

and, as The New Paper had reported, here are some stats:

1) today, there are more than 600 patients waiting for an organ transplant in Singapore.
2) the demand for cadaveric organs for transplant continues to increase rapidly.
3) about 15 patients die each year waiting for a liver and about three patients die each year waiting for a heart.

so, u might think, why the hell would anyone want to opt out of this scheme? well, The New Paper conducted a survey on 150 people aged 21 to 29 years (25 said they would opt out), and here are some reasons given by some singaporeans. try not to snort or snigger haha.

Mr Benny Tan, an undergraduate who is turning 21 this year, said: 'I will opt out because I do not know how my organs will help others, whether it will be beneficial to the right people. There is the possibility that my organs may land up in a bad person's body.'

Ms Jennifer Chew, 26, a business consultant, said: 'I don't think of the issue a lot because I'm still young and have no health problems. If I need an organ, I would probably travel overseas and buy one or get a loved one to donate.'

the main concern of many is that their organs might be harvested before they are really dead.

Ms Chew said: 'If I stay in, doctors might be more willing to declare me dead in order to harvest my organs in the optimum time. What if I'm not really dead? I can't get over that.'

ok now here comes my opinions:

1) mr benny tan: a load of bullshit. "i do not know how my organs will help others"? it will damn well save a few lives, dude.
and for every 600 pple waiting for an organ transplant, how many of them are actually "bad people"? what's the chance of that? maybe 5-10 out of 600, and i think i would take that chance. hell if ur organs really end up in an ex criminal's, hey, tough luck, but u still saved a life.

2) ms jennifer chew sounds totally elitist, rich and snobbish. "If i need an organ, I would probably travel overseas and buy one". lol. someone rich liao. wtf. i must control myself here otherwise i might get into trouble with either one of these 2 pple lol.

hmm now the main concern on everyone's mind: "doctors might be more willing to declare me dead in order to harvest my organs in the optimum time."

of course, this might be a probable and real concern.

but i suggest an alternative way of looking at things: most injuries, illnesses and stuff can, and are, treated. heck, doctors WANT to save lives. that's what drives them in their profession.

if injuries become so severe that doctors have to fight really hard to save you, to the point that they are "willing to declare u dead" even if u aren't really dead yet, u're probably near death anyways. no use lengthening it. the truth is, might as well harvest ur organs in the optimum time. it's true. might be harsh and cold way of looking at it, but as i said, doctors want to save lives. they will try all they can and if there is hope they will. if it's really that bad, there's nth that can be done.

Mr Bernard Tan, 28, a research analyst, also has fears - about going into the hospital and not coming out alive.
He said: 'I recently had a procedure done in hospital. In the middle of the night, when I was in a bit of pain, the thought occurred to me that if something were to happen, and I had not opted out, doctors might not fight so hard to save me in order to harvest my organs.'

so dun be like bernard tan. that above comment is quite simply silly, childish and lame.

'The Ministry's theme for Hota has always been that it's a 'gift of life', because we recognise that it is a gift by the individual who has the potential to save lives.
so i would appeal to everyone not to opt out of HOTA. be nice. be generous.

save lives.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

the tales of manquan and kuan fu

the following is a recent msn conversation. mq is chan manquan, kf is yee kuan fu. keefe is keefe. duh.

- mq [ Nice Toss. ] says: maybe i'll let you suck my cawk since you're nice today.

GRYPHONS keefe* lol based on james's fate today, man utd will lose 1-0 to ac milan says: wtf

GRYPHONS keefe* lol based on james's fate today, man utd will lose 1-0 to ac milan says: that's damn kf

- mq [ Nice Toss. ] says: no. kf is " maybe i'll suck your cawk ". DIFFERENT

GRYPHONS keefe* lol based on james's fate today, man utd will lose 1-0 to ac milan says: LOL

Thursday, April 19, 2007


ah lately it has sucked.

got some stuff happen at home. then reached a climax today when i demanded answers. oh wells.

that explains my lousy mood in school today. been brooding over it such that i've not been really my usual self. zzz.

oh well. and i still have to bother over a certain someone who keeps looking for me over my recent blog post. good grief.

i believe i overreacted with that blog post, and didnt say the best stuff i shld say. just try to watch what u say sometimes and maybe dont get so overly defensive when asked abt what really happened. hope we're still friends though. it's always nice to have a man utd fan friend:)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

update again!

another update! haha actually feeling quite lazy to update but i feel i have to talk abt certain stuff so might as well just chip in an entry.

1) champions league

ok everyone's talking abt man utd's 7-1 win, but they were playing at home and after the first 1 or 2 goals things were pretty much easy from then on.

CHELSEA, on the other hand, played away at the Mestalla stadium, where valencia have not lost in 10 games against english clubs. valencia even scored in the first half to make the aggregate 2-1, adding a huge amount of pressure on chelsea.

after some brilliant tactical changes during half time by Mourinho, chelsea come out and eventually came from behind to win 2-1 on the night, and 3-2 on aggregate. THAT is called character and determination.

as i have said, chelsea WILL win the quadruple this season. muahahaha!

2) i never say

well, whether u meant for it to be heard or not, the fact is, someone heard u saying it. that someone has absolutely no reason to cook up tales and as a result, we are quite annoyed with you.

however, instead of saying sorry, u react; aggresively defensive (see the irony) the worst part of it, and one which we all dont understand, is why u insist on never saying it. this comes across as being very irresponsible for ur actions, and of course adds to our annoyance.

it's not helped by the fact that u go crying whole day, and appeal for sympathy through spreading propanganda to others around u.

why so much politics? i was asked. i realise now that it transcends politics -- this has become a dictatorship.

with u right in the middle with all the power.

don't mess with bitchy softball guys. we win.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


ahhh. keefe finally bothers to update.

ok life's been fine, results have been lousy, except h3 chem. LOL.

school's been good too. not that much schoolwork, fun in class.. hahaha.

oh yeah. i watched Cars last night. on my psp.

it's damn cool, switchin on the air con, lying on my bed, watching a movie on my psp with earphones on for maximum sound effects. NICE.

Cars is a really nice movie. it's up there with King Kong, The Guardian, The Prestige, etc. as one of my all time favourites.

its graphics are good on my psp, and the storyline's quite nice. there are many funny moments and then there are sad emotional moments. quite a good balance. NICE.

tmr i shall watch the blair witch project. hohoho. perhaps watch it at 3am. can't wait. DesperadoZ LOVES HORROR MOVIES =D

btw chelsea will pwn. and win the quadruple.

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