Wednesday, February 04, 2009

wish the whole world knew.

All the things i never did

i was waiting for the right time

all the things i never said

i was waiting for the right line,

when is the right time the right time

i'd be waiting all my life

so i'm gonna show you now

the only way that i know how

and i don't care who sees

and i don't care who tells who

i wish the whole world knew

baby i've been kissing you

though people walkin by

may stare at y0u and i

the world is out of view

baby when i'm kissing you

girl i had nowhere left to go

i was waiting for the right sign,

something you'd say to let me know,

it was time to cross that line

all of this time i didnt know

that you were already mine

let me take me all the way,

show you what no words can say

why, should i hide

when you're close to me

it's the only time i'm alive

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