Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ccal camp!

okay after 1 night of good rest i'm here to talk abt ccal camp.

it was really fun. i'm missing it and the people already.

first night we had a camp out. had to hike to a part of the forest and spend the night there, cooking our own dinner as well. we had macaroni and campbell soup, along with some sausages. quite nice.

the sleeping part wasnt that nice. haha. tent was too small for all 5 of us. and way too hot inside. roy the track and field capt wanted to sleep outside so i slept with him. as in slept beside him. wtf dirty thoughts.

we laid out a groundsheet on the grass and slept. after a while a mosquito was buzzing damn loudly beside my ear. stupid male mosquito trying to attract a female one. then heard sounds of a grasshopper. i switched on my torch and saw a damn big grasshopper beside my right foot. i picked it up and threw it away.

i decided outside was too buggy so i went into the tent. then got musical ensemble. first lewis and jonathan chng snoring. as in really got rhythm lol. then could hear karaoke songs from the resort nearby. bloody hell. in the end still could fall asleep haha.

2nd day was cool. rafting and wakatobi trail. rafting it was raining so we had wet weather programme. wakatobi was fun. navigated our way through the forest using a gps system. the last part of the trail was most fun i guess. had to climb really steep part of the hill using ropes.
heh heh i love climbing.

at night we had the amazing race, and i guess it was the most fun part of the camp. i led my group throughout the resort to the many different checkpoints with the help of a map. i love reading maps and finding my way around places also. haha.

i think we were the best group in the whole race. we reached 7 checkpoints leh! damn. in the end pason's group only finished 4 checkpoints but they cracked the code. blah.

3rd day was most exciting. high ropes element and kayaking. high ropes was damn fun. did i mention i love climbing? i love climbing. the best part was when i did the trapeze thing. had to stand on this really high pole and jump and grab a trapeze which was hanging a distance in front of me.

eh actually quite scary leh. my first thought when i climbed to the top of the pole was that wtf the pole's really small to stand on. then i stood on it and looked down and ALMOST lost my balance. damn scary leh quite high. the trapeze looked like it was quite far away. i was like 'shit cannot reach lah'.

but wth i just jumped and tried. managed to grab hold of it anyway. then i realised the trapeze wasnt THAT far away as it had seemed. but it was fun nevertheless. whoohoo.

kayaking was also good. on the way there to the island we were supposed to kayak to i shared a kayak with nicole. we damn pro lah very very fast. haha. but it was damn tiring. must have been nicole SLACKING. hahahaha. tsk tsk.

on the way back i decided to go solo, together with daniel yip since he was soloing. WAH even more tiring. i dunno how i lasted all the way back. i was dying from coming to the island and i had to go back solo. the sun was shining in my eyes somemore. i really dunno how but i did it. lmao. freaking tired after that.

at night it was grand dinner. grand cause it was food was barbeque buffet from the resort. buffet my ass cause they took damn long to replenish stuff. and there was shortage of plates and utensils. the last batch of sausages were cold and hard. and chao ta. but it overall was still fine i guess. considering the quality of food throughout the camp. hahahaha.

then campfire. lmao. me yejie and benny were having a bit of pcb fun at the back. shouted some crap. hahaha. it was actually quite bad. the whole campfire programme.

last day. hung out by the beach and stuff. didnt do anything much. UNTIL we were at the habour. hohoho. then jason loon approached me and asked me to join in their grand plan. so i did. keefe tan, daniel yip and jason loon, the 3 CAMERA CRASHERS.

we went around scouting for people who were taking photos. and we blended in to the environment to be in their photos! LOL. it all started cause christine yau and hashir crashed daniel and jason's group photo. as in they were SMILING along by the side. lol. so they decided to do the same and since we are good neighbour groups i was part of the plan haha.

we crashed quite a few photos haha. loon dived and managed to get into one of shin bin's many photos haha. then i managed to figure in deborah's photo LOL she was taking with jon muk and i was right behind smiling. whoohoo.

we continued our grand plan in the ferry and it was damn fun. shin bin's some CAM WHORE lah. keep taking photos one. easy target. hahahaha. actually we're the REAL cam whores lol. just that we like to figure in others' photos too HAHA.

back at school was the best. me loon and yip were discussing on the bus how to add on to our wonderful antics and we decided to get different people to form the words 'CCAL'. daniel would be the taking the photo and counting down loudly. just as he's about to take all 3 of us would put down our hands and look serious, leaving the poor victim looking super silly in the photo. HAHA.

we took 4 different photos so we could have 1 victim for each letter and the end result would look pretty cool.

FIRST VICTIM. who else but shin bin. damn funny hahahahhaha. she didn't even realise when the photo was taken that we had put down our hands, only when we told her. hahahha. then then christine yau, justina and eunice completed the wonderful story.

lol here it is. and MORE PICS NEXT TIME. takes quite a while to upload all u know.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

BACK from ccal camp!


damn i damn hyper. my head is spinning as i'm looking at the screen now. i think i'm damn freaking tired.

home sweet home man. hot bath, finally my own showering room, hot bath, and did i mention HOT BATH. whooooooohooooooo.

dinner was my first meal at home since i came back from camp!!! and it was.......................2 packets of curry maggie mee + 1 rice dumpling.

NEVER MIND IT WAS DEFINITELY better than the wtf-anyhow-every-meal-sure-got-fish food at camp.

i very tired and i'm not thinking straight so i shall leave the details to next time. basically we had alot of fun ESPECIALLY during the end of the camp. and i got pics to show it.

MORE, later:)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Farewell, Friend

It's been damn sad day for me in sch today.

it started when i received daniel's sms last night. joan chan had just passed away.

even though we are 2 complete strangers, with her being much older than me, i felt a strong tinge of sadness and regret upon receiving the sms. i thought of the many news articles i read about her and her struggle against cancer.

it's really sad how such a young, promising life could turn into a total unfortunate story in just a few years. joan chan, softball captain, able student and a great friend to many of her peers. and just because this damned thing called cancer her whole life turns upside down.

i read about how she took the A levels despite her ongoing battle against cancer and i was really filled with deep admiration. if someone can do that while leading a tough battle against such an illness i believe all of us should not be afraid of anything that lies ahead.

her passing on should serve as a source of inspiration, a source of hope for us and also a reminder that we should never give up and strive till the end in whatever we want to do.

rest in peace, joan, my heart goes out to you and your family.


NOOOOOOOOO why did katharine lose?

why did the white haired spastic karaoke singer become american idol?


my hot and extremely talented katharine mcphee...

never mind. american idol has a tradition of having the runner up outsell the winner in cd sales. just like clay aiken and ruben studdard. we shall see. muahahahaha GO KATHARINE.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

ccal camp looks really cool

whooohooo had ccal camp briefing today.

the whole briefing was really quite cool. literally too. wtf LT1 was freezing.

the teachers were hilarious. all of them. i conclude PE teachers are the best teachers in RJC. okay they don't really teach much stuff that is academic related but at least they are friendlier and crankier that most teachers.

we were all divided into 25 groups, regardless of house. damn i had hoped we got grouped by house then PCB WILL BE REUNITED IN BINTAN. but alas. we are not really that close in terms of groupings but mark my words somehow we WILL find a way to get together and we WILL have fun. awesome gleeful pcb fun in bintan. heh heh heh. woooooooooot.

lewis and jonathan chng are in my group. same guys whom i had fun together in the US trip just last december, so it's cool. then got 2 other guys and 5 other girls so it makes it 5 guys and 5 girls. that's cool too, i guess. there's hyper than hyper genevieve in our group so it's going to be fun. there's odac vicechair yishan also. o.O

*stares at kelly* muahahahaha! inside joke. okay not a joke. inside story.

anyway. there's nicole christine yuen. damn i seem like i know all of them already. RIGHT. lol. i just know who i voted for counsellers. hurr hurr.

then there's a bballer from scgs. i think her name's esther or sth. and another girl. quite quiet one. thus i dunno her name. lol.

the camp looks really FUN. the activities are damn exiciting. got some 3h trail in the forests of Bintan, where we are given a Global Positioning System and we are supposed to walk our way to the checkpoints. now how cool is that. first time i got my hands on a GPS. it's damn high tech. looks like a Sony PSP. lol. fun. then got kayaking, climbing, rafting. whooohoo.

this is so fun. got PCB somemore. hohoho. Bintan, here We come.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

champs once again

okay look at the time! o.O yes its thursday morning and im here at home blogging.

i've got a really bad fever so i didnt go sch.

anyways yesterday was the softball finals! rjc vs vjc. i was already feeling quite sick in sch but i decided finals are once a year so might as well go down to support =D

we won! it wasnt a tough fight to be honest. vjc celebrated like they won the world cup when they scored 1 run. lol.

after the match though i got even more weak wtf. my limbs started to weaken and i kept getting hot and cold chills. on the way home even worse started to feel very cold and sick.

somehow i still managed to wake up just now to watch barcelona vs arsenal. MUAHAHAHAH. when arsenal scored i was like wtf nooooo cause i bet with both wei ren and yi rui that barcelona win. heh heh.

then eto'o and belletti scored. ggxx barcelona are the 2006 champions league winners! WHOOHOO.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

the songs are BACK.

okay finally i found a suitable host, freespaces, to store my songs. the asknlearn acct got some prob, thus the lack of songs these few weeks.

okay the freespaces uploading rate is damn slow, i've been uploading for almost 10min still not done, wtf?

okay forget it? 20min already still not finished with a 4mb song? wtf?


any suggestions please feedback thanks.

btw i think polls are really cool i shall have one every post! wheehee! it can range from relevant to random. wonderful.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


as promised, pics from dance night and some random pics!

wtf ee chong obviously thought i looked better with 2 fingers above my head.

j2s with lame (literally) hong shen. ok that was freaking mean. sorry.

happy mothers' day!

WHOOHOOO. happy mothers' day!!! i am a mummy's boy and proud of it.


anyways last night i watched one of the most exciting soccer matches i have ever watched in my life (think south korea vs italy, man utd vs bayern munich 1999 champs league final). it was the FA cup final liverpool vs westham and IT WAS DAMN EXCITING.

6 goals, wonderful goals. westham went 2-0 up early in the game and i was like o.O wtf is liverpool doing. then liverpool scored 1 through a wonderful goal by actor(on the field)/footballer djibril cisse.

when liverpool equalised everyone was feeling a liverpool win already. then suddenly against the run of play, west ham scored! ronaldinho-esque goal by paul konchesky, a cross turned goal.

i was falling asleep already after that. then suddenly in my drowsy stupor i saw the ball get headed out of the westham penalty box........ then it fell to steven gerrard who was way out, like prob 30m out..... he shot and WTF IT WENT IN.

i was like WTF HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT. then my mum came out and scolded me cause she was already sleeping. so much for happy mothers' day. LOL.

but BACK to the point. 90th+ minute equalizer. stupid liverpool scored 3 goals in a cup final to save their skin AGAIN. i was turning into a liverpool fan......... but i STILL love chelsea=D

extra time, and another heart stopping moment towards the end of the 2nd half of extra time. what a fingertip save by jose reina to push the bound-for-goal ball towards the post. it somehow fell to marlon harewood who was metres away and with the goal screaming in front of him, the poor tired and injured chap volleyed it OVER. LOL.

penalties, and reina saved 3. pro.

i am officially a gerrard fan. maybe reina too. but CHELSEA STILL OWNS. chelsea chelsea chelsea=D.

happy mothers' day.

Friday, May 12, 2006

tribute to the rjc girls softball team

sry for the slow updates been really busy with school and somehow i feel it's only going to get tougher.

went to support the girls team in their match against VJC on wednesday.

it was damn cool. both VJC and the match.

ok lets talk abt VJC first. the canteen in particular, how ownage it is as compared to rjc's. the food there is cheaper, more variety, even the stalls were brighter and more colourful.

we all bought from the western stall. fish and chips for $2.50. there were three large potions of breaded fish, and a fairly good amount of fries and baked beans. shou yee thought the fish was damn freaking nice and it was. yummy yummy. cheap and good.

the desert stall was coool. the drinks they had in the fridge were more than what we were used to seeing in RJC's stall 2. they were selling ice kachang, ice jelly, and loads of other deserts that can be found in Food Junction at cutthroat prices.

i bought a bowl of ice kachang for 60c and it was as good as those u get in hawker centres. the ice jelly was at 60c too and the others said it was good as well.

ok now lets talk abt the softball match. it was an awesome game of softball, exciting, loud (courtesy of us) and filled with emotion.

the game started off brilliantly for us, we scored 3 runs in the first inning. then the VJC softball coach changed the pitcher immediately and things did not get that rosy after that.

it was fun cheering on and supporting the team. we bought whistles and blowed them non stop till we were half deaf.. banners were flashed and we cheered on like crazy lol the atmosphere was really good.

however, we eventually lost 9-5. it was ok at first until the last inning when we let in 6 runs. argh.

i felt really sad when it ended actually. it was a match where both teams had an equal chance of winning.

its no point saying we played well, cause if we did we would have won. but we shouldn't say that we played badly, because all throughout the match it was close and we always had a chance of winning.

we had made a 'CHAMPIONS' poster and brought it along but after the match yi rui said 'sigh too bad we cant use it'.

actually we could have. cause i think the girls deserve all the credit they can get for making it this far into the finals. even if they didnt win gold (and i know it sound really cliche) they are all still champions in our hearts.

don't look back on the past. learn from the experience and go for it next year.. all the best girls!

Sunday, May 07, 2006


sorry for not updating. been busy campaigning for my single seat ward in Choa Chu Kang.


PAP WON BIG. i am happy.

actually not very big, if u study the results closely. the opposition garnered more votes this year, PAP less. damn.

in case u didnt know, i am pro-PAP but and i really dont like it when pple support the opposition. i dun see how one would support a party which has limited resources.

im okay with such pple, but what im annoyed abt is pple who support the opposition and criticise the PAP just to seem 'cool' and 'different' and this seems to happen more commonly in youths. who arent old enough to vote, anyway. haha.

PM Lee says it's a good result and a strong mandate for the PAP but if u look deep into it, it really isnt that much of a convincing win. sth like Arsenal winning 1-0 against Villareal at Highbury in the first leg and not feeling very good abt it.

the ever affable SM Goh was tasked to win back Hougang and Potong Pasir but failed in the end, with both Opposition MPs getting more votes than last year. damn it. Mr Goh lose face already.

i really cant understand how the residents of hougang and potong pasir can NOT vote for the PAP, considering the promises that were laid out. $100 million in upgrading? and u people would rather forgo it? what are u all thinking?

election fever aside, lets talk abt DANCE NIGHT! avarante or however it's spelt. whoohooo.

dance night was great. the opening act wasnt really good cause the dancing wasnt very well choreographed and it was kinda messy. then came the breakdancing and the salsa dancing, both which impressed throughout the night. chinese dancers were top draw, as usual. i think we all agreed that chinese dancers were more organised and in sync. well done. the finale was good also. narpal singh with his ever-slick moves? whoohooo.

desperadoz's ratings!

opening: we're in this together
dancing: 2.5/5
nosebleed factor : 4 /5.

comments : though not very well choreographed and kinda messy, the dancers were dressed in jap schoolgirl-like outfits and beamed widely at the audience as they hopped around. HOT.

2nd dance item: ling yu
dancing: 5/5
nosebleed factor 2/5

comments : excellent dance item. ambience was great and the dancers graceful movements complimented the setting. not much to nosebleed about tho, outfits were designed to suit the dance, not for ur perverse fantasies.
p.s. i realise this dance was choreographed by xin ying! gogogogogo! well done.

3rd dance item: 1, 2 step
dancing: 5/5
nosebleed factor: 4.5/5

comments: NOW WE'RE TALKING. high energy dance that got all of our attention. sarah smith is really some pro dancer lah. wtf. the colours worn by the dancers were excellently chosen. visually stunning and technically captivating. Ciara's 1,2 step playing in the background was appropriately chosen and was instrumental in getting the energy levels up. one of the best items last night.

5th dance item: Ardor -- Latin Ballroom
dancing: 5/5
nosebleed factor: 4.5/5

comments: wonderful display of latin dance. slick, sexy moves. ooo la la!

8th dance item: Grandmother's Tales
dancing: 4/5
nosebleed factor: 0/5

comments: interesting dance, using the shoes to create an effect. the image projected on the screen was said to be too scary. haha. looks like something from a horror movie. if u got a nosebleed watching this though, u are one sick perverted bastard.

last dance item: Get it on the Floor
dancing: 5/5
nosebleed factor: 5/5

comments: what a way to end of the night! hip hop style battle between 2 teams featured breakdancing that was up there with the very best in singapore. narpal singh's patented moonwalk? amazing. shit lah im running out of superlatives. one word: AWESOME!

well done and good work all you dancers. enjoyable evening it was. pics soon!

Monday, May 01, 2006


wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeee chelsea chelsea chelsea.

i knew they would whoop man utd. and after watching their performance. omg. possession was all chelsea chelsea chelsea. was at moca's house watching the match with linus, jenson, wei ren and thomas.

and 5th minute gallas scored!!!!!!!! whoooooohooo expected. poor marking from silvestre. then 2nd half joe cole added 1 more and then the no IQ guy ricardo carvalho also can score. JOKES MAN UTD.

whooohooooo. wooooooot. chelsea are the champs the champs the champs. deborah asked me to slap myself but i cant cause my hands are too busy waving in the air celebrating! hahahahaah CHELSEA CHELSEA.

and it seems everyone knows im the new cybergaming club chairman. o.O. hello to the world of CCALs.


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