Tuesday, November 28, 2006


okok this is really cool so i decided to blog about it.

i was in Popular today and i saw a copy of Russell Lee's True Singapore Ghost Stories book 15. lol last time i was an ardent fan of his series but i thought the latest one was book 10. lol.

anyway i saw a special report in the book about Rock and Roll music -- whether it is really satanic. he sort of investigated and published his findings inside lah. anyways the main geist of it is the technique of "backmasking", or playing a song backwards.

i first heard about this a few years back, when a DJ claimed that Missy Elliot's Work It, when played backwards, has a sick message. also, the more well known one, Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven was widely criticised for having satanic messages when played backwards.

so i decided to carry out my own investigation. i started with, what else, wikipedia. the best. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backmasking

then i found this site, which is really the perfect site that i was looking for. just check it out. http://jeffmilner.com/backmasking.htm

this site has the actual audio clips of such songs and even the lyrics. crap man. this stuff is really freaky, i have to admit. all the satanic shit. seriously. i feel wierd already even though it's like afternoon. wtf.

try and go through all the audio files. some got really evident backmasking, while others may not be that obvious.

nevertheless quite interesting. i guess.

i think this is one of DesperadoZ's freakiest posts. haha.

****EDIT**** another interesting website. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Is_Dead

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the worst movie of 2006. lmao.

lol. remember a few posts back i talked about the 2 best movies of 2006? well here i am now with my verdict of what could possibly be the WORST movie this year.

its called Final Call. its supposed to be the sequel to the "hit" jap horror movie One Missed Call.

well here's DesperadoZ's movie review.

movie name: Final Call
rating: 0.5/5

sypnosis: Hot Jap Chick #1 is always getting bullied by her classmates. She decides to hang herself, but does not die. Ends up in a coma instead. Her classmates go on a school trip and start receiving smses with the words "Forward this or die!". The first few stupid ones dun care and, of course, die.

Then they realise it's real and they battle it out to survive. Thats when the hilarious parts come in.

Oh, one more thing, once the msg is forwarded it cannot be forwarded anymore. Meaning the next one to get it has to die. lol. Then they realise the smses are being sent by, who else, Hot Jap Chick #1 (who is supposed to be in a coma). Doesn't make sense? Precisely. Hot Jap Chick #2 is her classmate and tries to stop her. Will she succeed? Watch it and find out lol.

verdict: this is a no brainer, really. The only reason why this movie got half a star is purely based on the 2 really hot jap leading actresses. It was SUPPOSED to be a scary movie but most of the time people ended up laughing. kinda screwed up and reminds me of the only other show i really think is crap, the "horror" movie The Park. (i talked about it in one my diary-x entries last time)

it is a complete waste of your $7 (or even more). but since this movie was treated, i shant complain too much. lol. there is NO plot, the deaths DO NOT make sense, the beginning is "wah lao damn lame", the ending is super anti-climax and totally spoils everything, and the whole thing is just a pamela-anderson's-cup-size grade piece of crap that wastes 1hr 30mins of ur time.

the only reason why u would watch this is perhaps to be able to finally watch a horror movie and laugh. come to think of it, it is actually worth it for all of u to watch it and realise how lame it is.

other than that, Final Call makes as much sense as 2 guys fighting it out in a boxing match at MOS over a girl. LOL!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

do people even know me?

today was an eventful day i guess.

after work i went school to study. then my dad came to pick me up at around 6pm and told me we going to visit my grandma (paternal) in the hospital. he told me she had been having a fever and suffered a heart attack this morning. realised it was quite serious and my dad told us that it could be our last time seeing her.

well what should my reaction have been? i was, honestly, just simply thinking "oh okay".

i dunno why, but i smsed daniel yip telling him about it. i was like saying the same things that i had been thinking: that these kinda things are inevitable, especially since my grandma is a smoker.

then daniel was like "dunno why u sms me for tho" and i was like "aiya i also dunno. hmm ok nvm."

then he was like "worried then say la dunneed hide emotions under your biceps oO"

i was kinda taken aback i guess. i didnt even know if i was worried. was i supposed to be? i told him i wont call it worried, and said that these kinda things are inevitable and there was nothing anyone could do about it. which is true lah, and i know it's true, but somehow i felt like i was just saying them for the sake of saying them.

then we reached my grandma's ward, and i saw her lying there. kinda helpless. drifting off into sleep then suddenly frowning, as if in pain and then opening her eyes wide. the result of her having mild heart attacks. she was unable to talk, and didnt respond.

my sis thought i was not serious at all, was kinda chiding me for my like nonchalent facial expressions. she was calling out "ah ma" to my grandma and i was simply staring at her, not saying a word. but deep down inside it hurt every single second to watch my grandma in such a state.

when my sis walked away, i started to call out to my grandma. i tried to smile at her as she stared right back at me and called out, hoping for any sense of recognition.

i dunno why i was like that. so reluctant to display my feelings in front of others. i guess that's the one big thing i realised about myself today. it's like being a well known joker and happy-go-lucky guy u would never expect me to become like that. and somehow i unwittingly had to "live up to expectations" and gradually became the guy that i am now. i mean, trust me, it would be wierd if one day keefe turns up in class/training being so very emo and serious.

i was talking to a good friend last night and she could actually understand my situation. she was saying i sounded stressed. then i was like no lah how can im such a happy-go-lucky guy. then she said sth like "the more happy-go-lucky u are, the more stressed u would be." sounds kinda paradoxical but it's kinda true.

she pointed out that "everyone sees u as such and thus nobody would understand how u really feel sometimes and because u are like that, everyone would think that 'keefe would be so happy and free of problems' so nobody cares about how u feel". i guess that is exactly what is happening.

i wouldn't say its a facade. i really am a nice, happy go lucky guy who loves a good laugh anytime. but maybe it's become such a norm and part of everyone's perception of me that i have become sort of a guy who hides most of his other emotions.

hell, the best example would be my blog. i realised that i have been making a conscious effort to post happy posts. every single one of my posts have been happy. no emo posts, no rantings, no whinings. it has just been the Happy Life of Keefe the Happy Guy.

dunno la.

so anyway. my grandma's really in a weak condition now. when i was looking at her i was honestly very very sad. it is a very, very real experience to watch someone having mild heart attacks. i cannot describe it but i was quite affected by it.

i did not cry, even as tears welled up in my eyes. it would be crazy if anyone saw me crying, i was thinking. loads of stuff were running through my head as my grandma stared into my eyes. like whether it would be the last time i was seeing her.

i even ran to the toilet to make sure my hair was neat. cause i just wanted her to have maybe the best last impression of me as far as possible.

my dad was like talking to her, asking her if she recognised me. i stared at her and caught a faint nod of her head. then she actually opened her mouth and called "ah boon", which was hokkien for "ah wen". my chinese name's jing wen what. that is what she always calls me and i would never, ever forget that moment.

she would probably not have long to live. i don't think her condition can improve that much.

ah ma, i still have your gold ring that u personally gave me during Chinese New Year and you'd know i will never lose it.

Monday, November 13, 2006

kbox kbox

went kbox with jean, yi xuan, kelly and gavan today.

we went to the ang mo kio one lol the one above the macs.

basically we were supposed to sing from 2-7pm.

ended up singing from 2-8.30pm and still nobody came to stop us. haha but we decided its too late so go home lor. its quite sick they dun bother about us one wahahaha. goood gooood value for money.

only bad point is that the place kinda smoky. =/

but can sing damn sick long. and the k student package so it only costs us $11. (with service charge and stuff it amounted to about $13.50)

the best part about today: omg i MANAGED TO CLEAR SUPERWOMAN. holyshit.

crazy crazy. i was feeling it after singing Hei Se You Mo and later Me and Mrs Jones. so i tried Qing Ren Jie Kuai Le, another Cao Ge song. i managed to hit it and then tried superwoman.

YESSSSSSSSSS i did it. then i tried all other cao ge songs there and i could too.

omg i damn happy. but that was probably one off. :(

Sunday, November 12, 2006

soccer soccer

this morning i went to the SINGAPORE EXPO for soccer. in case u all don't know, i've been involved in this soccer tournament organised by the people from Faith Community Baptist Church. the soccer matches are basically 2 halves of 7 minutes each, at a field beside hall 9.

my dear good friend mr lim wei ren is from this FCBC, and he warmly invited me to join his team. after all, his team are in need of a certain 30 million dollar pound striker nicknamed "Sheva".

last week we played, and i was kinda disappointing. failed to score leh. but that's normal considering shevchenko was also missing the target for Chelsea. told u we were very much alike. wahahahaha.

this week, shevchenko has picked up form, with 4 goals in the last 3 matches for chelsea. just last night he scored 1 and assisted one. and u shall find out in a while how i fared.

anyways so this morning, i travelled ALL THE WAY to the other side of earth for the match. i was late. oops woke up late. turned out i missed our team's first match, which ended up 0-0. team manager wei ren said they were sorely missing the 30 million pound striker upfront. wahahahaha.

so i played the next match, and promised to deliver just like shevchenko did. my teammates laughed and pointed out that the "30million pound striker" failed to score last week and i merely assured them that i, like the real life shevchenko, will pick up form and score.

by the end of first half, and we were down 1-0. wtf.

yours truly was angry, and determined.

2nd half, and not long after johnny bai kicked a corner and it hit one of our opponent's hands. PENALTY.

wei ren immediately asked me to take it. i looked at the goal and it was kinda small so i was like "wah lao goal so small". my teammates heard me complain and got worried at my lack of confidence. lol!

i told them there was a possibility that i would miss just like frank lampard does. LOL. they got even more worried.

then someone told me to "dun ram the ball, just place it". i was like wtf the goal so small im sure can score without kicking it hard. so i dun care and just rammed it into the corner...... and scored. 1-1. shevchenko was getting it going man wahahaha.

then later i got the ball in from around the penalty area. i controlled it, turned and unleashed an unstoppable shot straight past the keeper, a la didier drogba! 2-1.

not soon after, i got the ball from midfield. looked up and saw 2 defenders in front of me. managed to dribble past them both and unleashed a shot from the side, which was not very strong but the keeper fumbled and it went over him! 3-1.

match ends. hat trick. whooohoooo. 1 win 1 draw and we were looking good for first place.

alas! last match of the day and we lost 0-2. wtf. so we ended up second. and no bananas for 2nd place. wtf.

i was quite disappointed, but then wei ren surprised me with a BIRTHDAY PRESENT. an adidas official CHELSEA soccer ball. WHOOHOOO.

shit i was damn touched i hugged wei ren wahahahaha. damn nice la him. first a chelsea mug from england and now a chelsea soccer ball for my birthday.

and tomorrow going kboxing with my classmates to sort of celebrate my bday? whooohooo fun.

who needs girls when u have friends like these?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

keefe's wonderful day + working!

okay before i talk about my wonderful day, let me talk about my work!

in case u all didnt know, i started working as a waiter at the Conrad hotel since yesterday. thanks to brudder kelly. lol and since then it seems all my friends now want to work there too.

in fact, i got zhao ying a job there too. brought him with me today wahahaha.

so anyways my job is fairly easy. i work at a restaurant which only serves breakfast. working hours are from 7am- 11/ 11.30/ 12. depends on the number of workers that day. cause the breakfast only serves from 6.00am to 10.30am.

the rush hour's usually from 7 to at most 9am. after that it's damn slack cause not much people. lol! oh yeah i get paid $6 an hour. sounds kinda meagre? well meals are free. and the meals are buffet. so yes i've been having buffet lunch, cooked by Conrad chefs themselves, taste really great, for the past 2 days. breakfast's free too but i cant seem to wake up early enough to go and grab a bite before my shift at 7am so nvm haha.

basically i ask people if they want somemore coffee/tea, and pour for them. i clear plates, and set tables. i dun even need to wash the plates just bring all the plates to the back where an auntie cleans it. haha. very easy job. lovely aircon environment and music creates a nice ambience. and NICE PEOPLE TOO. damn nice.

especially the in-charge, jasmine. damn freaking nice. especially today.

she pulled kelly me and zhaoying to the kitchen today and taught us how to make cappucino and latte using the coffee machine. then ended up each of us made one cup and we could drink it after that! so cool and its damn nice wahahahaha.

then later towards the end of the shift she suddenly chased me out of the kitchen. lol. asked me to "stop idling around the kitchen" in some "serious" tone. then okay lor i went back to the restaurant then most of the other waiters/waitresses not there. so obviously something fishy. ahaha.

after that she came and asked me to go into the kitchen cause she wants me "to wash some plates". LOL! i went there and everyone was waiting and jasmine took out a cake! then all sang happy birthday to me. DAMN NICE LAH i so touched i wanna cry.

jasmine said the cake was a Conrad speciality. CHOCOLATE ROYALE. and the cake REALLY DAMN NICE. wah lao.

she gave me a Conrad bear also. CUTE.

after that went buffet lunch again. lol. then met the softballers at dhoby ghaut! we went to paradign to play pool $5 per hour CHEAP.

lol face damn serious omg. look at the intensity in my eyes!

lol @ my smile and lol @ yamies

after that some of us went paradis to play daytona. haha.

THANK YOU ALL. yi rui, kuan fu, daniel, james, mark, chong zhi, xing wei, farhan, kuang hao, alvin nat, wee hao! and thank you KELLY. and thanks to the people at Conrad especially jasmine. not forgetting all those who wished me happy birthday, THANKS! whoohoo fun 17th birthday!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

the woes of a cybergaming chairman

okay hello. my cybergamings teacher-in-charge Ms Law smsed me today. asked me to send her the Cybergamings (and Game Design) member list by monday.

DOH! the problem is i don't know who my members are. well, at least not all. i mean every week there are different people in the lab. that's the problem with this CCA. but i roughly had an idea of who. just to make sure, i decided to publicly announce on MSN to see if i had missed out any.

thus my msn nick was: * keefe* WHO ARE THE cybergaming members? msg me NOW pls

then gavan suddenly msged me. [08:32:55 PM] gavan p: i can see ure a great chairman

i was stunned, but recovered well to shoot back a reply! [08:35:45 PM] keefe* WHO: THANK YOU!

then i realised.

[08:37:42 PM] keefe* WHO: lmao at the "WHO ARE THE". in caps somemore
[08:38:00 PM] keefe* WHO: i must change my nick
[08:38:03 PM] keefe* WHO: to protect my image!

thus i changed it.

[08:38:31 PM] * keefe* WHO ARE THE cybergaming members? msg me NOW pls has changed his/her name to keefe* fellow cybergaming members, msg me now. important msg for u all.

ah, the smartness of it all.

the list so far?

Raffles Cybergaming & Game Design
Member List 2006

Chairman: Tan Jing Wen Keefe
Vice-chairman: Galvin Bay
Secretary: Han Tinghui Christopher
Treasurer: Chew Bao Li

Yap Xiu Huan
Florence Lau Shu-yun
Charmaine Poh Zi Mi
Denise Loh Li Ping
Yip Liang Hoong Daniel
Tan Yi Rui
Gan Chong Zhi
Liew Kuang Hao
Tan Sheng Lin
Mohammed Farhan Harahap
Zeng Shenghong Paul

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

DesperadoZ's Movie Review(s)

hey okay i just came back from watching The Prestige and i feel i HAVE to blog about this wonderful movie. thus the return of the much coveted DesperadoZ's Movie Review.

i'm gonna review 2 movies which i think qualify as the top 2 this year. they both have super screwed up and not interesting names but are both exceptional. The Prestige and The Guardian.

let's start with The Guardian.

Movie Name: The Guardian
Stars: Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher
DesperadoZ's rating: 4.95/5

Why it's that good: This movie is primarily an action-packed thrill ride packed with humour and feel-good moments. Wonderful, and very very meaningful. After the movie u are likely to go "wow that was an awesome movie/wow the whole movie was damn meaningful".

Any bad points?: None. The only reason why it didnt get a perfect 5/5 is because i think The Prestige just slightly has an edge over it.

Movie Review: Basically this movie is about the Rescue Swimmers - people part of the Coast Guards who go on missions into deep seas to rescue survivors of a shipwreck. The movie starts off brilliantly with immediate action as you get a glimpse of Ben Randall (Kevin Costner), the legendary Rescue Swimmer who has won every award there is and has rescued the most number of people of all time, in action. The rescue scenes are gripping and so suspenseful u would be clenching ur fists and staring without blinking. No kidding.

Alas, the legend Ben Randall loses his crew in a freak accident during a mission. He is then sent to be a teacher at the "A" School, an elite training programme for wannabe Rescue Swimmers, to let him get on with life and forget about the accident.

There, he meets cocky, arrogant Jake Fischer (Ashton Kutcher), who is no short fart himself, being a multiple gold medalist swimmer during his schooldays. He immediately leaves an impression as he declares to be the one to beat all of legend Ben Randall's records. That's when the humour part kicks in as we see the cocky arrogant Jake in action during training and how Ben conducts his unorthodox training sessions.

Then? Go watch the movie. Don't wanna spoil it. Just trust me, and yi rui (who watched with me) and my sis and loads of other pple who say it's a damn good movie.

now, then, lets move on to the movie which is still fresh in my mind, The Prestige.

Movie Name: The Prestige
Stars: Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson (HOT CHICK)
DesperadoZ's rating: 5/5

Why it's that good: Dark, gripping movie. Storyline is full of twists and turns. Wonderful acting from all of the main cast. Presence of hot chick Scarlett Johansson is a godsend. Director Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins) scores once again. Movie can even get you emotional.

Any bad points?: May seem confusing at first, but storyline all adds up in the end.

Movie Review: The flashy, sophisticated Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) is a consummate entertainer, while the rough-edged purist Alfred Borden (Christian Bale) is a creative genius who lacks the ability to showcase his magical ideas.

They start out as admiring friends and partners. But when their biggest trick goes terribly wrong, causing in the death of Robert Angier's wife, they become enemies for life--each intent on outdoing and upending the other. Trick by trick, show by show, their ferocious competition builds until it knows no bounds, while the lives of everyone around them hang in the balance.

The movie is shot in a classic "recounting" format where it starts with Borden in court being accused of the murder of Angier. The movie then slowly recounts the events that led to the court case, and, as we soon find out, things are not as they seem.

What also was intriguing about the two lead characters was that there is no right or wrong, no hero or villain. As I was telling daniel yip, it was either both of them lived or both of them died. As it turned out, the movie was loaded with twists and the ending is simply astounding.


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