Thursday, May 01, 2008

hahha update!

hahahaha omg i cant believe i am actually updating my blog.

anyway. CHELSEA VS LIVERPOOL TONIGHT. champions league semi finals, 2nd leg. 2.30am. now it's 1.10am im probably gonna play psp until then. shit damn no life lol!

anyway i was browsing through youtube and i found some amazing videos. some will definitely leave you with goosebumps all over. i swear. others are just plain amazing. enjoy!

btw, chelsea is gonna win the champions league AND the premiership. man utd will draw against west ham this weekend. wait and see. muahaha.

video #1: Blue live in concert, Wembley, England, UK. one of my greatest regrets is not being able to catch a Blue concert live when they were still around. sigh. hope they have some reunion or something. i guarantee, they are the BEST live performers i've ever seen. already the best sounding boyband, but when they are live they are amazing. enjoy.

video #2: Champions League Final 1998: Man Utd 2-1 Bayern Munich. i woke up to catch this one. still cant forget the 2 injury time man utd goals to win the treble.

video #3: FA Cup Final 2006: Liverpool 3-3 West Ham. I was also watching this match. it was a crazy rollercoaster. the injury time gerrard equaliser... simply stunning.

video #4: NBA All Star Slam Dunk Contest 2008: i was able to catch this somehow. best dunks u can ever see. watch dwight howard, the super tall guy in blue. entertainment value >>>100% guaranteed haha.

video #5: Most Amazing Basketball Shot Ever. need i say more?

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