Friday, July 04, 2008

the strangers

hello i am back for another post, as i strive to keep my blog going!

i watched The Strangers with sharon yesterday! it was a very interesting show. hm. time for the much-coveted, long awaited DesperadoZ movie review!


Movie: The Strangers
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 1hr 25mins
DesperadoZ's rating: 4.5/5 stars

Introduction: The Strangers is not an A-list horror movie. the lead actor is a rather handsome Scott Speedman (seen in the picture above looking like some jackass lol) and the lead actress is Liv Tyler. age is catching up with her but she still looks decent (she's 31 this year). yet this movie is one of the scariest i have seen yet. not as scary as Shutter (which is still number 1 on my list) or the Blair Witch Project, but still scary enough.

Sypnosis: dont worry about spoilers, i won't spoil the movie.

The movie starts off by telling everyone that the film was inspired by true events. THAT, i think, did the trick. it traps you right at the start and helps to build up the suspense and fear x100000 times. anw, after that the film begins with what happens at the end; the mormon (lmao) boys discovering the scene of carnage and dialling 911, etc. then it rewinds and the real fun starts.

basically Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler are couples. they went for a friend's wedding dinner, and during the dinner mr.brave Scott Speedman proposed to ms. dumb Liv Tyler. I mean WHO can be so dumb as to reject such a handsome man! bad mistake. bad bad mistake and she doesnt even know what she did could have directly cost them their lives.

they return to their secluded home not talking to each other, both obviously feeling the hurt and awkwardness. then they finally start talking, and oooh-la-la! they end up having steamy sex on the kitchen table............... but DING DONG. just as it's about to get hot in 'ere, the bell rings, and an eerie looking girl asks if someone(can't catch the name during the movie) is around. duh no, so its a sorry wrong house bye bye.

mr brave then decides to go drive around the neighbourhood to be alone for awhile and cool down, leaving ms dumb all alone in the secluded house. oh. no.

Why you should watch it: Because it IS scary. it is thrilling, suspenseful and grips you from the start. after some analysis, i figured out why:

1) telling you it was inspired by true events right at the start

2) a chilling start to the movie showing the aftermath of the massacre tells you something IS going to happen, you just dont know WHEN.

3) a very mundane, normal first 15 minutes of the movie (showing the rejection of the wedding proposal, just talking in the house) makes you even more nervous because you keep anticipating something coming up and you just dont know WHEN.

4) the masks of the 3 killers. is. seriously. very. freaky. i only got used to them nearing the end of the movie. even then, now i'd still feel a tad uncomfortable looking at images of them haha.

5) the whole movie IS very possible. everything that happened is realistic and can definitely happen to any one of us (if you overlook the part about staying in a really secluded area)

Bottomline: if you like horror movies, or like being gripped on the edge of your seat, or simply want the shit scared out of you, this is one movie that you cannot miss out on. take it from the horror movies guru. lol.


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