Wednesday, January 24, 2007


hello. i was happily getting ready for talentime tmr when suddenly ALEXCIA PETERSON msged me on msn and told me she found a guy who looks like me.

and omg he does. check out the pic 16, the one with him wearing the SWAT tshirt. omg it looks exactly like me.

this is freaky. lucky everyone say i more handsome. HAHA.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


hello. i am very sorry all for leaving this blog dead.

not that anyone seems to care haha. sorry lah. been studying and studying and studying. really really busy.

plus i AM a CCAL. and i am very responsible. so here's a list of things which i have yet to complete:

1) Study for SATs. 27th january is the test, ggxx.
2) Contact my contact for Cybergamings CIP. Have to submit proposal by next Tuesday.
3) Finish Chem tutorial on chemical energetics
4) Read my whole pile of H3 Chem notes. including last year's which i never ever touched before.
5) Read this year's econs notes, which i haven't touched at all yet.
6) Watch Singapore vs Malaysia, 2nd leg, 28th february sunday, national stadium
7) Play Dota.

so anyways. i'm here to talk about our very own LIONS. whoooohooo.

if u all havent already known, im a BIG fan of singapore football. been following it all this while and witnessed their spectacular Tiger Cup win in 2005. and the competition is back this year!

i shall not proceed to talk about their 11-0 ownage of Laos, the news has probably spread far and wide. heh heh. been trying to get my friends to watch their matches. but its been difficult. the national stadium also not getting many seats filled up. sian.

dunno why some singaporeans just so apathetic abt their own national soccer team.

so basically we are in the SEMI FINALS. first leg will be played in malaysia, so that's out of the question. but 2nd leg, 28th january, will be at THE NATIONAL STADIUM! whoooohooooo.

so im appealing to all of you. come come join me at the national stadium for this once in a lifetime experience. i think tickets are free. or $2. either way its no excuse not to go if u're free. contact me then we all go together=D


Sunday, January 14, 2007

chiangmai trip pics!

keefe acts cute.

keefe is not cute.

mark, james, yi rui, me and daniel!

check out me doing a curve pitch. and it looks picture perfect haha can see the sideways spin of the ball. ALRIGHT!

Friday, January 05, 2007

update, update!

hello all. this is my long overdue update!

chiangmai trip was FUN. i kinda miss it already. damn. it's always the case isnt it. just like OBS, orientation, etc. after everything is over then u start missing it. haha.

we clinched silver in the men's open, losing to NUS in the finals. damn. NUS got all the ex-RJC pple who are perhaps just a bit better than us. or maybe we were just quite unlucky that day lol.

went for a traditional thai massage on our last night in chiangmai and it was rather good. 2hrs for about SGD20+. and special services after that some more.


will put up pics soon.

in the meantime, its back to school, crashing OGs, and DotA! hahahaha.

oh btw i bought CAO GE'S NEW ALBUM, superman! whoohooo. i want to put its songs but ASKNLEARN cannot liao. so damn it. i have to find a suitable host again.


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