Wednesday, June 28, 2006


okay it's common tests period but today i got no paper haha so it's slack time.


i STILL haven't touched maths, and maths paper is tmr. but bio paper on friday is kinda settled already.

new song, it's called Chen Mo Wan Ju which means "lonely toy". watch the 2nd part of the song, Cao Ge gets angry and shows his vocals once again. lol.

econs was quite okay i think. lol for paper 2, i chose question 2 which had part (a) and part (b). kuan fu was telling me after the paper that he wrote 2 pages for part a (10marks) and 1 page for part b (15marks).

i told him i wrote 1 page for both.

anyway chem was actually easy. i thought it was quite easy but i guess i shld have let it just remain a thought cause after i said it out loud the only thing i received was a black eye.

damn. section c was easiest leh. but for section A the first 2 multiple choice questions on Stoichiometry just simply demoralized me. lol.

i guessed the answer for both questions and I ACTUALLY GOT THEM RIGHT lol. guess as in seriously pick one that looks the most correct wahahahaha.

okok, going to study now. meanwhile check this funny shit out. How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked by the police, from the Chris Rock show. hilarious.

REMEMBER TO PRESS PLAY AND THEN IMMEDIATELY PAUSE. wait for the video to load completely, then start watching.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

sch starts TOMORROW

okay i finally got my hands on Cao Ge's debut album, Ge Ge Blue.

whoohooo. so i decided i shall put every single song of his on my blog. haha. now it's time for Bu Lang Man De Jia Huo. again, it's catchy, nice and has his signature pro vocals. pls enjoy.

sch starts tomorrow, econs paper first. i've finished studying econs so i think it's no problem. RIGHT.

ggxx dudes.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

whooohooo mug

okay today was quite a fun day.

got yi rui to come to my house to study today. for lunch i cooked delicious Myojo Curry Chicken Noodles for him. with egg. yummy. then got alot of other stuff too. damn im a good host. haha.

studied econs today, think it was quite fruitful. left the topic on Firms and How They Operate, which i will go read on later, sleep for 2hrs, and wake up to support south korea. haha.

yi rui was studying chem and bloody hell his teacher gave him loads of stuff. past 4 years' common tests questions + answers? wtf? and loads of other questions. wtf is my teacher dreaming? cb.

i borrowed the stuff from yi rui anyway, which made it all the more fruitful. studied till 4plus then we both went to play bball.

joker yi rui play until so docile hahahaha. think cause he playing with strangers then dun dare to get too physical. anyhow. totally different when he's playing with us softballers.

FACT OF THE DAY #1 tan yi rui was primary school basketball team. FACT OF THE DAY #2 keefe tan was primary school basketball team too. all star point guard. hahaha.

quite fun leh. basketball's always fun. especially when u make tough shots and game winning shots. heh heh heh heh xD

2 days left, here's my progress for those kiasu fellow rafflesians out there who want to know how Keefe The Mugger is faring:

completed: all the topics tested in open ended section(ie. DNA, replication, mutation, etc)
left: all the topics tested in MCQ section (proteins, carbo, fats, lipids, enzymes, membranes, etc)
verdict: still okay

completed: organic chem, alkanes, alkenes, arenes
left: all the other earlier topics
verdict: fine

completed: none
left: everything
verdict: GGXX

completed: everything except firms
left: firms
verdict: good

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

whoohoo die liao tests

yayy school is reopening soon. ggxx tests. die liao. happy.

for those who complain that they cant watch the videos cause YouTube lags like crap, here's a tip:
get a new comp/internet connection.

ok seriously, u just have to click on PLAY on every video. then PAUSE immediately to let it load finish. some load finish faster than others, so watch those first. by the time u finish watching those the others would have loaded finish. cheers:)

check out another cao ge song. i'm obsessed with him leh. he's damn pro. shit. and his songs are niceee.

it's called shi jie wei yi de ni. for dear euphe. ahahahahah.

ok happy mugging:)

Monday, June 19, 2006



okay last night was one of the best on this holidays. haha. called the softballers to stay over since everyone in my family went batam. heh heh.

james, yi rui, mark and chong zhi. they came at 9 plus and i met them at cck mrt then we went for dinner at the foodcourt. came back and watched world cup on my 45 inch plasma HDTV. right. while some played dota and cs. hahahahaha. fun fun.

played till like 3am then went to sleep. they all slept outside on the sofa while i slept in my parents' room! heh heh heh biigggggggggg bed.

last night i was on msn and my nick was abt the current pro Cao Ge song on my blog. then suddenly Ben Koh gave me a link on YouTube and told me "THIS is pro". i watched and it was Cao Ge singing live on some variety show and ITS DAMN FREAKING GOOD. nothing beats watching him sing live.

he sings with alot of emotion, the stars in the audience were stunned and touched. i myself was also quite touched leh. very very good. i spent the whole night watching his live videos on YouTube. i didnt know got so many! here are a select few of the best. WATCH AND ENJOY PLS.

this is the one that ben koh asked me to watch. INHUMAN RANGE. (check out jacky wu being extra at the start of the song damn funny)

he sang Zhang Hui Mei's ting hai. it's a female diva's song and he HIT THE NOTES. wtf. sick range again. watch the interview with him after that hilarious stuff.

a singing showdown between Zayin, Zhang Dong Liang, Tank and Cao Ge. damn funny. Zhang Dong Liang's falsetto is damn noob and he got jacked damn badly. Tank and Cao Ge, freaking pro. inhuman. again.

the first part of the video is just him singing Superwoman. this video is the judges giving their opinions. then Cao Ge sings again, this time without music and showcasing his vocals. inhuman. heart throb Guo Pin Chao even hugs Cao Ge after he sings lol damn funny.

cao ge sings Now and Forever by Richard Marx. cooooooooooooool.

cao ge appears on Happy Sunday singing Superwoman. this show has 4 damn freaking strict judges comment on ur voice. this is a show where singers or people who really wanna release albums go.. he got really good comments form the judges too! whoohoo.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

new song!

okay im alright now. thanks for the concern:)

im alone at home! whooooooohooooooooooooo the rest of my family went batam. i said straight out no not going cause i had a match today. see choose softball over family. hahaha.

played against catalyst today. found out it's some even pro-er than combined schools team. made up of national team players. LOL. wtf. all the 20+ to 30+ pros. it wasn't pure luck that they beat combined schools.

i pitched quite okay actually. got the strikes in. but they hit well lah. cannot be helped one. haha. pros. then the umpire also not helping me. bloody hell so many nice inside curves and outside curves he never call strike. sianz.

then our fielding let us down lah. sianz also. alot of errors from infield, or the score would have been closer. we lost 13-4 i think. it could have easily been 5-4 if not for the errors.

i actually struck out 1 pro. LOL. i pitched an outside curve and he missed it. heh heh heh. fun.

anyways. now it's back to mugging time! ahhhhh haven't touched econs and maths yet. ggxx.

here's another Cao Ge song. come on this pro deserves some praise on my tagboard. gogogo shower his vocals with compliments pls. haha. this song is damn nice too. i mean i heard the starting music and immediately fell in love with it. wah lao how do u produce such nice songs man. reminds me of jay chou.

the lyrics are also very very meaningful. for the chorus. i really like the lyrics.

the vocals? no argument. pro lah. listen to the 2nd half of the song. especially the bridge. PRO ahhhhhhh.

ENJOY. and happy mugging pple:)

Saturday, June 17, 2006


ok today is damn screwed up. at least the events that just unfolded.

this morning was the start of our NUS open, it was quite cool. first match against combined schools. i pitched, even though i quitted pitching and havent trained for damn freaking long. it was quite good actually we lost 6-5 only and everyone was damn happy.

it's considered quite a feat cause our team were all j1s and some sec 4s. the whole j2 batch (the championship winning zai team) were in combined schools. and wtf. not all j1s we with us, kuanghao our star pitcher and farhan our star first base both got poached by combined schools too.

so the odds were really stacked against us. it was like literally a under-depleted RJC J1 (and below) team vs national youth team. damn.

straight after that was Ngee Ann poly. decided to rest me and put in a sec 3 pitcher instead. yes the only pitchers we have for the tournament are a sec 3 one and a very rusty J1.

we won easily i guess. 12-3 or sth liddat.

last match for the day was against acs alumni, i pitched. 4 strikeouts, not bad for almost 1 year layoff from pitching i guess. my curveball worked well. happy. won the game 10-4.

tmr got last group game. we must win to be able to have any chance of qualifying for the next round, good luck.

after the match was what was really screwed up and what really did me in. it was 8+ already and we were changing up in the toilet. i was calling home on my hp cause i got alot of missed calls from home.

when i changed i decided to leave my hp beside my plastic bag of clothes. after i changed it was gone. i didnt notice it until i was about to leave, when i did my routine check for all my belongings.

i quickly asked daniel to call my hp. it was off. and i was like wtf shit die already.

i sprinted back down to the toilet and found some guy inside. i asked him if he saw a hp and he suspiciously answered 'no no'. his face was damn suspicious but i couldn't do anything what. bloody hell.

i went up told kuanfu and he was like 'of course he will say no right! go search him'. and he told me he saw 2 other pple loitering outside the toilet just now.

then i was like im sure i go search him he sure whack me up. i saw him walking off towards a bus stop beside NUS. so i got farish, daniel and james to follow me to the bus stop to ask them.

we saw 3 of them at the bus stop so james asked them if they saw a hp and they said no. the guy i questioned in the toilet was acting freaking suspicious. even suggested "i saw a guy go into the toilet after me.. he went in that direction" and pointed to the direction opposite us.

IM SURE LOR. seriously. he was the last guy at the toilet cause after i questioned him i observed his actions from afar. bloody hell.

but i really dunno wad to do. as in i didnt dare to go up and ask to search them. im seriously a non violent and non confrontational guy. wtf lah in the end the 4 of us no choice but to walk off.

cb. so the 3 of them walked to wait for 95 while i decided to go back to the toilet to do 1 last check. nothing. i walked back out and saw the bus come and leave.

wtf. seemed like nothing was going right at all. i spent almost 20minutes at the bus stop waiting for the next bus and it really felt like forever. just stared into space and did nothing but think abt my hp. ended up feeling 95% fcuked up.

came back home finally. told my mum i lost my hp. that's when everything started.

got screwed like crazy. non stop ranting. had to recount my painful story of how i lost my hp, and just simply no understanding from my mum at all.

scold scold scold. spam 'idiot' at me like dunno how many times. until i got damn freaking pissed off i screamed at her to stop scolding me.

she walked right up to me, scolding, and tried to hit me. i blocked. fight lor. brokedown in the end anyway. mental breakdown lah. seriously had enough of everything.

then still had to endure dinner. sit there alone quietly. cant even eat lah. got damn suicidal. then thought of all my friends and started breaking down again. wtf i dun usually cry.

thought of alot of things i could have done. called daniel and yi rui but couldn't talk more than a 'hello'.

then it wore off me after a while and i got abit more sensible.

i was forced to wash my own super dirty softball clothes anyway.

now im here blogging.

daniel says not to think too much abt it. good night pple, good luck for my match tmr i'll be pitching for a must win match. shit lah it will be damn pressurizing and i hope i'll be able to cause i really want us to get through.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

japan trip pics

before u look at my pics, I HAVE A PIECE OF GOOD NEWS.


i used another person's edulearn acct! hooray means I CAN PUT SONGS ON MY BLOG AGAIN. whoooohooo.

and the first song im gonna put is my current favourite chinese song, it's from my current favourite chinese artise, Gary Cao Ge. yes the same malaysian young singer who brought us the pro track Superwoman. i think his vocals are up there with the very best, hell i think he's the best chinese vocalist in the market now. seriously.

this song is called Qing Ren Jie Kuai Le, or happy valentine's day. there's a malay part at the beginning. interesting. the rest of the song is simply PRO. HIS VOCALS ARE DAMN FREAKING GOOD LAH ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. and the song is damn freaking nice.

ENJOY it while u wait for the pics to load. how convenient rite. WHOOHOOO i am damn high. finally can host songs.

ok pics time! (in chronological order of the trip)

me and mum outside some famous temple.

KEEFE THE CAM CHRASHER, even in japan! whoohoo.

lol and AGAIN!

eh my eyes so small =(

keefe vs popeye! and the winner is............................................air in his fake biceps. p.s. keefe likes spinach too.


the closest i got to a jap girl. lol.

NOW WTF IS THIS doing in a decent store? p.s. the words say "Just try before you buy. It feels gooooooooood....." it's called a "squeeeeezable MIMI ball", suitable for age 5+ years. WTF.

me and mum at Tokyo Disneyland!

im eating Chocolate Popcorn. FREAKING NICE.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


hello im back again. morning now and i have till abt noon at the hotel, which incidentally has free internet! o.O

not to mention a flat screen Aquos LCD TV, which i used to watch japan lose to australia 3-1 last night. aww. lucky i dun look angmoh or i would have been bashed up by the hotel room staff this morning.

flying back tonight and i cant wait. will reach singapore at 11.35pm, so reach home 1am plus? then watch France vs Switzerland followed by Brazil vs Croatia at 3am? lol. then next day go for class outing at sentosa, meet 10.30am at harbourfront mrt? happening life sia wahahaha.

went to disneyland yesterday and come on, how can u compare it with Orlando's disneyland? no way. lol Orlando's one had 3 theme parks leh. plus the rides were much more exciting. the disneyland here only had 2 thrilling rides. and not even thrilling, i think genting's corkscrew and solero space shot more exciting than them, anytime.

damn that made me miss the days even more, when the whole gang of us: lewis, yi rui, me, yao zhen, kenneth hor roamed disneyland and universal studios last december.

crap man, travelling with friends is definitely more fun than travelling with family=(
i miss going there already. i think end of year lets organise a trip back to Orlando! whooohoo. make it some softball trip. or just get the same gang from last year. fun.

on the other hand, there were loads of japanese hot chicks at disneyland. hot chicks don't mean the Katsu Don, stupid (which is actually quite delicious)

finally. although all had eyeliner (as i had clearly observed was the japanese's favourite kind of makeup) and some put so much face powder they looked like Sadako out of The Ring, and some put so much blusher that their cheeks were redder than Pikachu, they were generally alright.

i still don't get their fetish with long socks though. damn.

overall it was okay, i tried Soda Popcorn and Chocolate Popcorn. freaking nice, i tell you, must try when u're there. the scent was enough to make us buy although it cost 260yen, which works out to like $4.

talking abt buying stuff, i saw a Hard Gay keychain. it was quite cute and i thought of buying it but it cost close to SGD$10+. decided not to, then someone told me it was selling for $30+ in singapore. WTF NEVER TELL ME EARLIER. shit. i have a few hours more to see if i can get my hands on any. hehhehheh. $$$$$$$$$.

okay thats all lah. oh yar before i left for japan i aksed the softballers during training what i should buy in japan and shou yee said "jap porn is the best".

well it would be paradise for u here, shoustopper, cause the streets are lined with loads of magazine shops. and they don't sell National Geographic.

wtf the whole shop has loads of hentai magazines and FHM-esque ones. loads of them. i say they are like FHM cause they have scantily clad chio bu on the cover of each magazine but who knows what lies inside. Good Boy Keefe Tan obviously did not open the magazines to take a peek.

talking abt porn they have porn on their tv in all hotel rooms. Innocent Boy Keefe Tan didn't understand why they liked to make wierd noises and why they wouldn't wanna wear clothes in such cold weather. so i switched to BBC World News instead.

good day, folks.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


whoooohoooo. i managed to play xbox at changi airport after all and owned some China guy. 5-0 and 8-0. LOL.

ok so now time for the japan trip, if anyone still cares about poor keefe=(

i brought my WORDS book to in case i felt bored and wanted to jot down anything, and im glad i did. i used it to keep logs everyday since the start of the trip. so here it is!

interruption, bloody hell this jap keyboard driving me nuts. apostrophe (') is shift 7. wtf. and all the other punctuation marks jumbled up one.

4.48pm, on the coach

-just visited Chinatown in some town in Japan.
-jet lag not as bad as when in Europe/US
-maybe because japan's time is just singapore time + 1hr
-messy handwriting =/
-going back to Tokyo for dinner + hotel
-not really enjoying trip, with all the tests on my mind
-going Universal Studios tomorrow!
-just heard we have to take a flight to Osaka after dinner o.O

8.48am, bus bay, Hotel Kansai Airport, Osaka
-listening to: U Remind Me by Usher

-contrary to what the name of the hotel would mean in hokkien with an extra letter, it's actually quite a nice place (kanasai = like shit)

5.18pm, on the bus, after Universal Studios

-read a falungong-based article (some china women were giving out) on "China's State Terrorism against Falungong members"
-talked abt the tortures the members received after being detained by the police, with gruesome pictures to show
-mum and sis says Falungong are an evil cult, thus banned worldwide
-remember to read up on Falungong at
-point to note: since Falungong ARE so widely persecuted, any normal member would be smart enough to cut all ties with it a.s.a.p rite? why still strive on to continue with all the stuff?
-so is it more than just a 'peaceful organization'?
-cult members?

1.39pm on the bus, heading back to Tokyo
-listening to: Crawling Back to You by Backstreet Boys

-went temple/long stretch of shopping in the morning
-1 guy (older aged man) in our group had gone missing
-caused a bit of panic, found later
-turned out he took a wrong turn (no pun intended)
-just learnt abt Japan's TV programmes' format
-there are actually no serials before 9pm
-all educational variety shows instead (hard gay? lol)

3.47pm, on the way back to Tokyo
-listening to: Don't Lie by Black Eyed Peas

-CB, that old f-ed up face woman sitting beside me on the bus is snoring louder than a pig

10.28am on the bus, on the way to lunch, then Mount Fuji
-listening to: We Belong Together by Mariah Carey

-learnt that every +100m = -0.6 degrees celcius in temperature
-now temp 17 degrees, we are going to reach abt 2000m
-so temperature = 17 degrees - (0.6x20) = 5 degrees. whooohooo!
-watched england 1-0 paraguay last night, noob performance by England after the early goal
-even noober performance from the cb referee
-thought of the idea yesterday of using the titles of all the 'listening to' and making it into a whole sentence at the end of the trip
-that sounds quite interesting o.O

2.20pm, back on the bus, halfway up to Mt Fuji
-listening to: Work It by Justin Timberlake & Nelly

-stopped to take a look at some sulphur filled place
-damn smelly, sulphur dioxide freaking smells like rotten eggs
-wtf will my health be adversely affected?!?!?!

-going up to Mt Fuji now!

5.10pm, on bus.
-listening to: Hips Don't Lie by Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean

-back from mt fuji, didn't visit the snow peaks cause it was raining =(
-just ate Pocky Pine Cream flavoured, damn freaking nice. Japan > Singapore in Pocky.
-brought a really good surprise present for softballers! HEH HEH HEH.
-think they are gonna LOVE IT.

6.19pm, back on bus after visiting some shopping paradise
-listening to Yeah! by Usher, Lil'John, Ludacris

-bought loads of stuff for softballers + other pple
-disneyland tmr!

ok so thats all so far. now for stuff not written in the book.

-jap school girls are disappointing. stupid high socks rival that of what softballers wear.

-kuang hao u are a sick pervert. first thing u say when i came online was 'how are the girls? and send me pics of the girls NOW!!!'

-jap women LOVE to wear makeup. wtf. number one type of makeup is eyeliner. seriously it's quite amazing when u walk down the streets and see every woman with eyeliner on. even SCHOOLGIRLS.

some facts told to us by the tourguide:
-jap women are not fat, it is VERY RARE to see a fat jap woman. maybe cause of the food?

-it is VERY RARE to see pregnant jap women on the streets. no idead why considering their booming porn industry. maybe thats the exact reason o.O

okay thats all for now:)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


eh im at the airport now so it's customary that i use the internet here to blog + use msn.

heh heh it's been like half a month since i was here and i really miss the last time when me, yi rui, chong zhi, seliyan and all the other peeps were here at 3+ am watching Man Utd lose to Villareal in the champs league. before our flight to the US which is another thing i miss cause it was really damn fun. damn.

seems like changi airport has caught the world cup fever. there are soccer ball shaped seats and loads of flat screen TVs showing world cup stuff. the best thing is there are 2 xbox360 consoles with Fifa2007. wtf. but the angmohs are hogging it. damn i wanna go there thrash them. hurrhurr.

sia lah changi airport really damn fun. i think one can literally live here. everything is here lor.

i'll be back next tuesday night. if i can i will use the comps in Japan! heh.

bye ah lians and hello jap hot chicks with socks longer than the grand canyon! whoohooo.

Monday, June 05, 2006

softball finals video!

dun miss the ending part DAMN FUNNY. and also check out my post on 06/06/06 BELOW. enjoy.


okok im here to update. alot of stuff going on.

FIRSTLY. I CUT MY HAIR. muahahahaha. on my way to cut, i saw eliza yiquan and mitchell. after i cut i saw them again. eliza said "did u cut your hair?" with a look filled with admiration and amazement. then she said "that looks damn shuai lah can".

ok the last line wasnt really what she said. it was "what happened to ur hair" but whatever. it's nice:)

im going JAPAN on wednesday! whoohooo 1 week long and it's gonna be shop play and stare at jap hot chicks. booohooo cause im going to fail my CTs at this current rate of studying. ggxx.

now let's talk abt what everyone's talking abt. 06/06/06!! whooooooohoooooo and it's TOMORROW. it's quite cool actually. with everyone saying it's gonna be doomsday and all that shit. interesting. then tmr the opening of THE OMEN somemore. whoohoo scarrryyyy. gonna watch it:)

public's main conception of 666:

It's The Number of the Beast. 666 encodes the letters of someone's name or title, identifying the Antichrist. whatever that means.

the new paper offered the following ideas today:

1) Another terrorist attack on US soil could be triggered by the so called "devil's number" tomorrow. It said the target could be a tower in Chicago, a city which has the zip code 60606.

2) 666 has special significance. it is the sum of the squares of the first 7 prime numbers, a palindromic number, and a 'prime reciprocal magic square'. whatever that is.

3) in roman numerals, 666 is DCLXVI, the only number to use one each of the numeric symbols in order of their respective values. (X= ten, V=five, I= one, etc.) COOL.

desperadoz's's suggestion:

666 is nothing more than your average horny bastard's favourite number. 666, or sex sex sex to be exact, simply reflects his basic mentality of fun.

cheers and happy holidays. i know i'll be having fun at Mount Fuji. HEH HEH HEH.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


COME ON. ANDRIY SHEVCHENKO just signed a 4 year deal with chelsea.

whoooohooooo. chelsea will be champions once again. probably sweep champions league and fa cup. make it carling cup too for a quaduple. watch out.

chelsea's other newest signings: midfielder Michael Ballack from Bayern Munich and Feyenoord striker Salomon Kalou. next up, real madrid full back Roberto Carlos.

imba shit, chelsea. whooohooo.

here are pics from ccal camp as promised. cam whores daniel yip and keefe tan!

i told daniel, "eh take 1 serious pic ah."

daniel told me, "ok this time take serious pic ah."

loon and i practising before our actual stunt haha. DONT MY ACTIONS LOOK EXACTLY LIKE SHIN BIN'S in the photo below? wahahahahahaha.

OKAY enough pics for the day. BYEBYE.

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