Saturday, July 19, 2008


*note: 'dc' stands for david cook. angela loves him to bits. haha.

dont mess with the zhenghong says (11:00 PM):
who is acdc?
AC FOR DC says (11:00 PM):
Mark says (11:00 PM):
angela chan
dont mess with the zhenghong says (11:00 PM):
dont mess with the zhenghong says (11:01 PM):
who is dc?
Mark says (11:01 PM):
and desmond chan
dont mess with the zhenghong says (11:01 PM):
dont mess with the zhenghong says (11:01 PM):
how come lidat one
dont mess with the zhenghong says (11:01 PM):
ac for dc?
Mark says (11:01 PM):
yeah she digs him
dont mess with the zhenghong says (11:01 PM):
hes hawt
AC FOR DC says (11:01 PM):

Monday, July 14, 2008




oh btw, i got a new hp! it's the Samsung SGH-G810. wifi, GPS, 3.5G. 5 megapixel camera. 100mb internal memory, 1gb micro SD card. tv-out port. stereo headphone jack. WONDERFUL.

1. cao ge singing Shi Jie Wei Yi De Ni during his encore performance. CHECK OUT 1:17 AND 2:05-2:15. that is WHY he is the best.

2. cao ge singing wu gu. another steady and strong vocal performance of a rather difficult song. notice he sings the whole song SITTING DOWN. that is very difficult considering how high he must go. imba. ahhaa.

3. cao ge - bei pan. he says he always kneels down singing this song because it's very personal to him. well he finally did get down onto his kneels at the ending part of the song and shed tears. really emo. nice.

4. the best is always for last. this video is not from his singapore concert. rather, it's from the malaysia one, cause i cant find the rest of the songs on youtube. probably still in the midst of uploading. but i stumbled upon this clip. it's the opening of his malaysia concert, exactly the same as the singapore one, when he sings Superwoman. only this is 10000x better. the crowd is better, more happening, louder, and the vocals....... let's just say this is the BEST version of Superwoman i have EVER heard him perform yet.


i really DO update

hello hello. i know this is quite late but see i'm still putting in effort into updating! yay. the thing about blogging is, you kinda feel lazy thinking of it; but once you start you wont stop till you've finished everything you wanted to say.

so here it goes. what a busy week it has been!


Medagascar 2008 (not really very punny, but good try lol) was an extremely enjoyable experience.

the good thing about my og, Lutra, is that the people are very nice and friendly! all of them. haha. we all could click very well and i felt we bonded quite well as a whole in an amazingly short time. this NEVER happened for me and my army mates, be it BMT or OCS.

i guess it could be because in BMT/OCS the number of people in a platoon (about 40) is far greater than what we had in an OG (9girls, 9 guys). but i really think the main factor is girls. me and jerry had a theory about how having girls around would provide an emotional balance and would help to bond everyone together in general. hahahaha. and i still think our theory holds true.

anw, we had a FANTASTIC time. from running around singapore playing an Amazing Race on the first day (I LOVE AMAZING RACES) to playing Murderer for hours at night to the very last night where we had Drinking Goggles, some coolio twi-twi concentration game and 2 bottles of Smirnoff Vodka, we simply had endless hours of fun.

haha murderer is my fav game and i probably made it Lutra's fav game! =p hahaha it's really fun especially when alot of people is playing. there was once when the entire og was in a room, even the ogls and we were all playing. there were like 6 murderers and 2 detectives hahaha. damn fun. i sucked as a detective though; i kept killing innocent civillians! stupid mark lim doesnt help with his suspicious face. hahaha.

the last night was the best. lol. i DID NOT get drunk. i was very high though, cause i kinda made alot of stupid mistakes playing drinking goggles. haha. there was one incident between me and mark which was hilarious.

mark was sitting beside me. i smacked his inner thigh for fun. he was like "ouch". being high i found that really funny so i smacked his thigh again. he was like "eh dont play ah you hit one more time...." i found that even funnier so i really smacked his thigh again LOL. suddenly he got damn serious and said "eh fuck you la". then i was like OOPS he's being for real and went apologizing for the next 5 mins. hahaha.

anw im VERY sure i'll be having a wonderful next 5 years with my OG in medicine school! yayy.

CAO GE CONCERT+class outing.

just two days ago i had a long awaited class outing! but the class outing was quite lame because only the guys went. for the girls, there were only harumi and sarah. then we went to marina square which was quite a bad idea BECAUSE:

1) pool is $10.80 per hour (wtf)
2) bowling is $4.50 per game (LMAO)
3) cinema was sold out for shows

so we ended up just walking around, talking, and playing some arcade games.

i went for dinner with sharon after that. sharon is very nice! she was going home from town already but decided to come all the way back to city hall for dinner. hahah but we ended up going to the food court for dinner so it was quite funny. but thanks anyway so nice of her.

ANYWAYS, after that i went singapore indoor stadium for CAO GEEEEEEE'S CONCERT. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. do you know how much i love cao ge? you don't! AHHHHH.

i met genevieve wong there. haha quite a cool surprise. she was sitting in the row in front of me. i was like "eh gen i didnt know you liked cao ge". then she was like "haha i do.. but not enough to memorize all the lyrics of his songs the night before.. did you?" then i was like "I DONT THINK I HAVE TO DO THAT. IT'S ALREADY ALL INSIDE MY HEAD". HAHAHA omg i love CAO GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

anyways. it was a great concert! just that the crowd wasnt as hyped up and exciting as the Pan Wei Bo or Jolin Tsai ones. damn it. seemed like everyone was just fixated on the pro vocals to do any random screaming/shouting. it was only during the later parts of the show when the crowd FINALLY started to heat up and the atmosphere got better.

oh wells. but it was really awesome. cao ge showcased his vocal prowess and why he is the reigning KING of chinese pop (he just recently won Best Male Artiste in the 2008 Golden Melody Awards). be sure to check youtube for videos!

NUS Softball update

as some of you know by now, i've been training with + playing for the NUS softball team for the past few weeks. we are currently playing in the Men's League, which is the softball equivalent of the S-League for soccer. the difference is that this isnt really a league, it's more like a championship because there are only 2 groups, and top two advance to semi finals then finals.

so our record now is currently 3-1. we won ORA, Red Sox and, just yesterday, Old Boyz to book a spot in the semi finals. we lost to Storm, which will take top spot in our group.

next sunday will be the final round of matches. there will be 4 matches in total:

#1, 0900hrs) runner up group 1 vs runner up group 2 (that means us)
-loser gets 4th position.

#2, 0900hrs) winner group 1 vs winner group 2

#3, 1100hrs) winner of match #1 (could be us, lol) vs loser of match #2
-loser gets 3rd position

#4, 1300hrs) winner match #3 (could also be us muahaha) vs winner of match #2
-loser and winner gets 2nd and 1st position respectively.

so you see we are potentially looking at playing 3 matches non-stop from 9am all the way till 3pm. if we win all, that is. so any form of support is greatly appreciated!

we are playing at the kallang softball diamond, which is just beside Leisure Park. come and support your beloved NUS as we valiantly try to win all our matches and capture the title! or just support me also can. LOL.

Friday, July 04, 2008

the strangers

hello i am back for another post, as i strive to keep my blog going!

i watched The Strangers with sharon yesterday! it was a very interesting show. hm. time for the much-coveted, long awaited DesperadoZ movie review!


Movie: The Strangers
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 1hr 25mins
DesperadoZ's rating: 4.5/5 stars

Introduction: The Strangers is not an A-list horror movie. the lead actor is a rather handsome Scott Speedman (seen in the picture above looking like some jackass lol) and the lead actress is Liv Tyler. age is catching up with her but she still looks decent (she's 31 this year). yet this movie is one of the scariest i have seen yet. not as scary as Shutter (which is still number 1 on my list) or the Blair Witch Project, but still scary enough.

Sypnosis: dont worry about spoilers, i won't spoil the movie.

The movie starts off by telling everyone that the film was inspired by true events. THAT, i think, did the trick. it traps you right at the start and helps to build up the suspense and fear x100000 times. anw, after that the film begins with what happens at the end; the mormon (lmao) boys discovering the scene of carnage and dialling 911, etc. then it rewinds and the real fun starts.

basically Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler are couples. they went for a friend's wedding dinner, and during the dinner mr.brave Scott Speedman proposed to ms. dumb Liv Tyler. I mean WHO can be so dumb as to reject such a handsome man! bad mistake. bad bad mistake and she doesnt even know what she did could have directly cost them their lives.

they return to their secluded home not talking to each other, both obviously feeling the hurt and awkwardness. then they finally start talking, and oooh-la-la! they end up having steamy sex on the kitchen table............... but DING DONG. just as it's about to get hot in 'ere, the bell rings, and an eerie looking girl asks if someone(can't catch the name during the movie) is around. duh no, so its a sorry wrong house bye bye.

mr brave then decides to go drive around the neighbourhood to be alone for awhile and cool down, leaving ms dumb all alone in the secluded house. oh. no.

Why you should watch it: Because it IS scary. it is thrilling, suspenseful and grips you from the start. after some analysis, i figured out why:

1) telling you it was inspired by true events right at the start

2) a chilling start to the movie showing the aftermath of the massacre tells you something IS going to happen, you just dont know WHEN.

3) a very mundane, normal first 15 minutes of the movie (showing the rejection of the wedding proposal, just talking in the house) makes you even more nervous because you keep anticipating something coming up and you just dont know WHEN.

4) the masks of the 3 killers. is. seriously. very. freaky. i only got used to them nearing the end of the movie. even then, now i'd still feel a tad uncomfortable looking at images of them haha.

5) the whole movie IS very possible. everything that happened is realistic and can definitely happen to any one of us (if you overlook the part about staying in a really secluded area)

Bottomline: if you like horror movies, or like being gripped on the edge of your seat, or simply want the shit scared out of you, this is one movie that you cannot miss out on. take it from the horror movies guru. lol.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


okay okay i decided that this shit excuse of a blog is getting deader than the dead sea so i have to do something about it! and since i am OUT OF ARMY i SHOULD be updating my blog regularly like a good old civillian.

haha good ol' civillian! civillian. hehehehehe. yes so keefe has disrupted army to study Medicine at NUS. and is currently enjoying a month long break before starting on 6 years of pleasurable hell. okay somehow when i blog the word "army" makes me real uncomfortable so i wont say the A word anymore. not like i have to. for the next 6 years at least! hahahaha!

k sorry to those slugging it out in brunei or OCS. damn wished i was there..... not! ahahahaha!

k i dont know why im laughing like hell but it IS kinda funny if you put yourself in... well. a civillian's shoes? ahahahhahah!

okok i must really stop now it's getting lame and i'll be getting death threats if i gloat any longer. i dont know, maybe it'll come by post? overseas mail from brunei? HAHAHAHA

so anyway, i have been learning driving, mostly playing sports, going out with yr and zhenghong. i am so gonna spend one day in kinokuniya soon. just reading and reading and reading. medicine books and james patterson books. wonderful.

we watched Wanted yesterday. it was good actually. the first parts were kinda exciting and good stuff. at the end though, it was kinda lame. and at the end of the movie they are mean to you hahahahaha so it leaves a bitter taste in ur mouth? lol. i would rather spend my money on HANCOCK. whooohoooo will smith. i love him and his movies. he is damn cool ahhaha.

okay that's it. until next time, which will be very soon. i promise! DesperadoZ will not be a dead blog anymore and i will make sure the viewership goes up to previously sky-high levels! hahahahaha. KEEFE WILL UPDATE HIS BLOG REGULARLY.

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