Thursday, March 30, 2006

check out rockson

elections are coming! so check out rockson's view on the upcoming elections and his entertaining comparisons between elections and.....................prostitues?!

top 5 ways to stay awake in class

Top 5 ways to stay awake in class (for guys)

5) Think about that hot chick from your lecture group. better still, if possible, think about that hot chick from your very own class. Drooling is advised since it makes the table less conducive to lie ur head on; over-drooling, however, would probably result in you finding urself in an all-guys class the next day.

4) Prop your eyelids up with little stilts that you've cleverly fashioned out of toothpicks and cotton balls.

3) Have a friend beside you (works best if his name is Yee Kuan Fu) who likes to touch/fondle/hug/carress you and parts of your body periodically during class.

2) Wear your contact lenses sideways/diagonally.

1) Think about the images/videos you viewed on ur computer (or lately, handphone) last night. The more graphically inclined, the more ur brain would be stimulated. Guaranteed wide awake in no time. Any sound effects, though, and RJC would become all-boys sooner or later. Serious health risks if your pants size is 30 or smaller.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


ok time to update.

firstly about copycats. damn sick lor. i post one post on top 10 excuses to give when caught sleeping in class and all of a sudden people start koping my entries.

like ee chong. idiot. go paste and put on class blog. like that also fun.

then got jheeva also. at least he asked me for permission. to put it on his blog. and duh it was NO. dunno whether he put anyways cant really be bothered to check.

i didnt think the top 10 excuses was that funny. it was funny but i thought the top 5 ways to make ur gf break up with u was better.

anyways. these stuff need brain power u know. damn. then pple just copy and paste. sick.

back to my entry. i've received alot of good feedback abt westlife's song amazing, and yeah it's a great song. so i decided to change song to another westlife song, also from their latest album Face to Face.

and i realised the song title aptly FITS my blog! it's the 4th track on Face to Face, and its called Desperado! ENJOY. wheeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeee desperado from desperadoz.

top 5 ways to stay awake in class will be the subject of my next post, meantime just enjoy the song as i rack my brains once again.

Friday, March 24, 2006

top 10 reasons to give when u're caught sleeping in class

i realised that our class is quite famous for having alot of sleepers in class. that's bad.

and i'm not one of them, of course. everyone knows keefe is a hardworking student who tries to pay pays attention at every tutorial/lecture.

nevertheless, i have come out with the top 10 ingenious excuses if u're caught sleeping.

in the meantime, enjoy this new song from westlife, it's from their latest album, Face to Face. go buy it. it's really good. they sorta remade some oldies. this song's called amazing, i think it'll be some really hot song on perfect10 soon. enjoy!

Top Ten Excuses when you're caught sleeping in class:

10) Something got into my eye.

9) They told me at the blood bank that this might happen.

8) I'm actually doing a Stress Level Elimination Exercise Plan (read: sleep).

7) I'm sorry, but this is one of the seven habits of highly effective people.

6) I was just testing if the school tables were drool-resistant.

5) I was doing a specific yoga exercise to relieve school-related stress. Do you discrimate against people who practise yoga?

4) Why did you interrupt me? I had almost figured out the solution to Challenging Question 1a.

3) The Z Monster challenged me to a fight, and if i refused it swore to zap all my brain power.

2) I was reading my notes. It must have been parallex error, sir.

1) I spent the whole of last night trying to psych myself up for your class.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

how keefe got jacked during chem test

shit chem test today was bad. i got jacked like hell.

before the test in the canteen during lunch i heard pple the words 'astatine' and 'chem test'. so i was like oooooh. interesting.

so during chem test i was at question 3 and i saw the question was 'Write the electronic configuration of A_'. when i saw the first part i didnt even read the question properly i flipped the paper over immediately to check the proton number of As cause i wanted to start work asap.

i remember thinking to myself, "wow not bad the chem teachers quite cunning want us to write electronic configuration of such a big element.."

so i was like gogogo and i started with the basics, 1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p6, 3d10, 4s2, 4p6, 4d10... then i stopped. and calculated the total number of electrons so far. total so far was 46 electrons and i was like wah lao the proton number's 85 leh!

so i continued! gogogo now become f subshell already. wah then i was thinking f can take on how many electrons, and after 1 minute i realised 14. so gogogo!

1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p6, 3d10, 4s2, 4p6, 4d10, 4f14, 5s2, 5p6, 5d10, 6s2, 6p5.

(not bad i actually got it correct, i just checked the formula online)

so i was like whew. since when they test us 4f subshell! interesting interesting!

then i started counting the total electrons, and i was satisfied it was 85! wheee heee then i turned the question paper back to check on part two then WAIT A MINUTE.

it was 'Find the electronic configuration of As".

ggxx. wasted like more than 5 minutes.

anyways check out this song its new this week on perfect10 and its by fort minor. it's called Where'd You Go, lovely track. i think its those kinda songs that are great for falling asleep to.

i love fort minor=)

Where'd you go? I miss you so Seems like its been forever that you've been gone
She said somedays I feel like shit Somedays I wanna quit and just be normal for a bit I don't understand why you have to always be gone I get along but your trips always feel so long And I find myself trying to stay by the phone 'Cause your voice always helps me to not feel so alone But I feel like an idiot, working my day around a call And when I pick up I don't have much to say, so
I want you to know its a little f*cked up that I'm stuck here waiting, at times debatin Telling you that I've had it with you and your career Me and the rest of the family here singing Where'd you go? I miss you so Seems like its been forever that you've been gone
Where'd you go? I miss you so Seems like its been forever that you've been gone Please Come back home
You know, the place you used to live Used to barbeque with burgers and ribs Used to have a little party every halloween with candy by the pile but now you only stop by every once in a while Shit I find myself just filling my time With anything to keep the thought of you from my mind I'm doing fine and I'm plannin' to keep it that way You can call me if you find that you have something to say And I'll tell you
I want you to know its a little f*cked up that I'm stuck here waiting, at times debating Telling you that I've had it with you and your career Me and the rest of the family here singing
Where'd you go? I miss you so Seems like its been forever that you've been gone Where'd you go? I miss you so Seems like its been forever that you've been gone Please Come back home
I want you to know its a little f*cked up that I'm stuck here waiting, no longer debatin' Tired of sittin and hatin' and making these excuses For why you're not around, and feeling sorta useless It seems that one thing has been true all along You don't really know what you've got till its gone I guess I've had it with you and your career When you come back I won't be here and you can sing it
Where'd you go? I miss you so Seems like its been forever that you've been gone Where'd you go? I miss you so Seems like its been forever that you've been gone Please Come back home
Please come back home Please come back home Please come back home Please come back home

Sunday, March 19, 2006

last day of holidays!

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww nooooooooooooooo. its the last day of holidays. damn it.

anyways havent been updating so here's the stuff.. src softball tournament champions again. quite expected. hahaha. 5 years in a row already! woot.

anyways quite disappointed during the tournament but lets not talk abt it. champs can already i guess.

BTW. sch's starting tmr that means........... pple will get to see keefe's cool hair!

shit lah. this is gonna be bad. i hope i dun get stared at in the canteen/LT/toilet.


eh it's really not that bad lor. hahahahahaha. talking abt sch, i haven't done any homework yet. wtf. not like i have any. wahahahaha.

i heard other classes damn poor thing, got gp outline, econs essay, etc. i have none of that! hahaha. only bio cancer assignment which is already completed.

time to dota! dota dota dota. wahahahaha.

btw i've been spammed with orders for my mourinho song. hahaha and james cai is especially hysterical abt it. lol the song really rocks.

anyways check out this song by this new malaysian singer called Cao Ge. i tell u he's gonna be some rising hot star some day (if he isn't already one) with those vocals of his. check it out it's called superwoman.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


yay won again today. against hci. i think 17-0 or sth liddat. around there lah.

tmr we have 2 matches, be sure to come down and support us if u can!

btw im damn sad lah. its because of the 2 matches tmr that i cant go class gathering!!! and it's not just 07s03g's class gathering, there's also a sec 4I class gathering tmr ALSO -.-

wah lao. look at the email. and look at how much fun im gonna MISS. (underlined+bold is parts i found really... wrong.)

dear everyone from 4i,

yes, lyk oMg di5 yah00 grp R not d34d!!

shaosheng came up with a totally bright idea about 2 weeks ago and it wasn't philo related! -audible gasp-

he decided that since we haven't met up for so long, we should have a CL-ASS PAR-TEH.

and so the plan issssssssss......on FRIDAY 17TH MARCH 2006we'll meet at 10.30a.m. at Marina Bay MRT. then we'll go bowling. how funn! at 1p.m. we'll go find thingsto eat until..say 2p.m.? and then we'll whip out our sticks and put our balls on a table (lol 8 ball = 4 guy). we'll play pool until like, 5p.m., meanwhile people who don't play pool can lan and go arcade. maybe some of you can go fly a kite in the field. if theres no one using the field we can probably play some soccer.

then basically we hang around like marina kidz. NOT.

i think from there we can just discuss what we wanna do next. maybe we stay until dinner then we eatsteamboat together (i can't wait for the exchange of fluids) or we'll mrt somewhere else to eat / movie?

theres just a lot of suggestions, basically the plan isn't like set in stone like i'm the only one who's makingthe decisions sort of like when the sword was set in stone, arthur was the only one who could pull it out-gasp for air- BUT the plan will change depending on the turn out and general interests

so we appeal to all of you. yes, i am appealing to all (sublimal) of you to come down on fri. the morepeople, the more fun (okay lol so maybe too many people might not be fun) but i think the purpose ofthis outing is really to get everyone down and maybe rebuild some of the bonds that were broken when we went our separate ways in JC.

anyway for the people who prefer to see the plan in some sort of schedule/itenary form, here it is.

1030 Meet at Marina Bay MRT

1045 Bowling (For Soup) <-ignore

1300 Lunch

1400 Pool / Bowling / Arcade / LAN / Kite

1700 FFA (Free For All)

yea! if you're not really interested in whatever we're doing, never mind la, just come down and we'll tryour best to consider your preferences when we decide on what to do next!like if you wanted to do something like go suntec, just come and persuade some people to go with youand eventually the lack of participation will make the class outing a failure so the rest of us who may notwant to go suntec might go anyway cos no choice (just a possibility lol)

So basically that's it. Moca is opening his house in the evening to anyone who's interested in staying over, but that's not really confirmed yet. If it's not too much trouble please call around and spread this cuz im afraid that not everyone will get this and some might feel left out. So ya, hope to see everyone there!

so there u go. shit lah. sounds like so much fun. but we have 2 matches tmr and the last match starts at 5pm. by the time it ends.... sigh.

NEVER MIND. might as well put my heart and soul into tmr's matches. gogogo!

here's the jose mourinho song i promised. HILARIOUS. its by this guy called mario rosenstock. lol he likes imitating pple's voices and as u can hear he's VERY GOOD at it. wahahahaha.

the lyrics are below. ENJOY.

Mario Rosenstock - Jose and His Amazing Technicolour Overcoat

did u call that a performance of champions?
i am not looking at champions
alright gaffer!
NO it is NOT 'alright gaffer'

shut up makelele,
i am the manager of this team, and who am i?
u are the special one!
yes i am the special one
but that performance was not special
it made me laugh
and champions should not make me laugh

if i want to laugh, maybe i listen to damien doing a car insurance set
damien do it,
make me laugh, now

yeah, very funny.

now, drogba
first half, pathetic.
(nononono, gaffer, please...)

look if you want i can replace you.
it's no, it's no problem
i can, i can replace you
it's no problem

i can do it
search word 'rooney'
35 half million (no no!)
no problem
i can do it!
i can do it!

do u want me to press 'buy'? (no please gaffer!)
do u want me to press 'buy'? (no!)
then listen to the Special One? (ok ok!)

second half,
vocal exercises.. midfield!
now! (woah-oh),
very good, very good,

breathe and vocal! (woah-oh),
very good,
you are ready i think?

- - - - - - (can't really catch all the words, so forget it lol)

I close my eyes,
And stand there grinning (woah-oh),
We can't stop winning (woah-oh),
You'd be grinning too.
When I first came (when we first came),
I was delighted (woah-oh),
Could have managed United (woah-oh),
But any team will do.
I wore my coat, (he wears his coat)
The world is merry (woah-oh),
I've got John Terry (woah-oh),
And Drogba too. (go on didier!) (very good!)
I switched them round, (he switched his rounds)
They all are hating (woah-oh),
But I like rotating (woah-oh),
Any team will do. (go on gaffer!)

A corner kick,
Is just enough,
A little flick from Damien Duff (go on damien!) (yeah gaffer!),
The ball flies right into the net and we are one nil up (one nil one nil one nil one nil!!)...
May I return (may I return)
To the beginning (woah-oh),
It's so easy winning (woah-oh)
When your team is blue (blue is the colour!!)
We can't go wrong (we can't go wrong),
I am in heav-en (woah-oh),
Playing whatever eleven (woah-oh),
Any team will do. (mad cheering)

Go and be champions!
Be champions!
Do it, love it!
And if you don't do it, you can kill yourself.
Now take it from me,
Be champions!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

pcb goes to sentosa!

woooooooooooot. back from a tiring day at sentosa with PCB. wahahahah. brought along my digicam so there'll be pics as well:)

supposed to meet 9.30am at harbourfront mrt, then i was the first to arrive at 9.23. sheng lin came at 9.35, dom came at 9.40+ and mq came at 9.40+.

cb. still got goon and zhao ying. wtf. wahahaha. by the time they came we had already walked to the ntuc, bought drinks and some snacks, and were eating prata at the coffeeshop beside the sentosa bus stop. it was 10.37am. nevertheless, they wanted to eat breakfast too so we ended up leaving the coffeeshop at nearly 11am. LOL!

btw the prata is quite nice. the curry is spicy and sour. just to my liking! yummy. and the toast also quite good. 1 slice 40c. yummy.

after we arrived at sentosa and were waiting for the bus to take us to siloso beach, pcb struck again. i mean with pcb around, lets just say unique things always seem to happen.

hahaha. we decided that we needed mats for our outing at the beach. i mean u cant expect us to put our bags on the sand can u? or even sit on the sand? wahahaha. so pcb did what (i realised) they usually did. they koped a huge stack of Guide to Sentosa pamphlets and shoved it into a bag. LOL. u know those pamplets that contain a map of sentosa, places to visit, etc. LOL anyhow.

at siloso beach entrance, this is the sign at the front of the toilet. quite cool leh. hahaha. innovative.

so anyways we arrived at siloso beach and we paid $5 for the usage of facilities thing and played volleyball. all super anyhow haha. i was serving with my maria sharapova grunt. fun. lol.

after tiring volleyball PCB STRUCK AGAIN. watch this masterpiece by pcb. it seriously reminds me of what team rocket does in those pokemon cartoons that i still used to watch. ahahahahaha.

its called digging a big hole and disguising it. LOL.

first, start digging a deeeeep hole.

then, the completed masterpiece shld look something like THIS. lol.

next, put a piece of newspaper on top of the hole. wahahahahaha.

start covering it with sand!! haha.

cover, cover....

almost DONE!

COMPLETED. muahahahaha.

now we lie in wait for our unlucky passerby! ahhahahaha.

now comes the bad news. super wtfbbq. keefe was walking back to play volleyball and he stepped in the hole himself. CB. SUPER JACK ASS.

lucky i was taking photos and i didnt help in building the trap otherwise it would have been more jack. hahahaha.

after that we went kayaking. damn fun. and played bball oso and finally ended with pool. wooooooooooot. tiring day, but FUN!

byebye sentosa!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

top 5 ways to make ur gf break up with u.

ok i was wondering.. what my blog is actually for. issit some song blog? or some pic blog? or some jokes blog. so i decided it shall be what i like the most -- jokes!

i realised pple keep telling me they miss my hilarious posts. damn. so far on blogspot only got 1, the toilet one. (according to them)

ok lor. so anyways i was coming back from playing bball just now and i was thinking of the top 5 ways to make ur gf(s) break up with u. cause for pple like me it's always a problem when u have too many.


anyway before that here's another craig david song, as promised, from his latest album the story goes. its called johnny and it's a really nice track, i reckon it will become some really hot hit on the charts soon. it's a story song, and i love story songs. story songs are songs which have lyrics that sorta like tell a story. it's damn fun listening to such songs.

anyways this song is abt a guy called johnny (duh). he's a bully at sch and he bullies craig david. listen and try to get the story through the lyrics, lyrics are provided at the end of the entry. ENJOY THIS SONG IT'S REALLY DAMN NICE.

sidetrack a little, it seems EVERYONE knows abt my HAIR CUT. dammit. all laugh at me, although some told me quite cool, and it is! well sort of. shou yee aka shou stopper aka shouminator told me that i look like brock lesnar, kuan fu told me i look like The Rock and he even said i looked cute. well that adds on to my point that he IS gay but never mind. and for some reason i don't wanna post a pic of me with my new hair cut! wahahaha.

back to my top 5 ways to make ur gf break up with u.

five : piss her off. this can be done through the universal way of dao-ing her and not bothering to return calls/smses/msn chat msgs. but the best ways, according to, are calling her fat/ugly. either way is a straight piss off as girls are known to be sensitive to these 2 things.

safety level: unsafe. especially if ur gf is some ah girl with many ambiguous connections, u'll most probably find some big macho guys waiting outside ur sch. worst still u wake up to a heavy stench and find out a pig's head decided to mysteriously appear at ur front gate. hell hath no fury a woman scorned.

four : sms the 'wrong girl'. one of the ingenious ways (yeah right) invented by modern man. suppose ur gf is joanne, send an sms to her with sth like
1) 'hey jennifer, miss u sooo much.. luv u baby=P'.
2) better still, 'hey jeffrey u were such an animal in bed just now ;)'

safety level : unsafe. either u make her real sad and depressed u piss her off like mad. especially if u sent sth like sms number 2. not only u piss her off she'll probably commit suicide.

three : i wanna concentrate on my studies. one of the most classic methods, and although quite lame, still works sometimes. giving evidence of bad results and failing grades may enhance ur reliability. of course, everyone knows that ur failing grades arent due to ur gf, rather, ur constant dota-ing/maple-ing.

safety level: safe, unless ur gf is some violent girl who doesnt buy lame excuses. unsafe, even pissing off, if ur msn nick still reads 'DOTA NOW, MSG ME NOW!!!!!'.

two : act retarded/crazed/psycho. this is an easy and, for some pple, doesnt actually need any acting.
1) bring ur gf out for a meal at a restaurant and start stabbing ur pork chop/chicken cutlet with ur knife at unbelievable speeds with a pissed off look on ur face.
2) insist on playing movies like Scream 1/2/3, Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Masscre, Kill Bill on loop mode on ur dvd player.
3) say things like 'isnt cutting so much better than sex?'
4) insist on playing bloody knuckles with ur gf and knock her knuckles inhumanely hard.

safety level: very safe. ur gf will start saying 'u're nuts' instead of 'i want ur nuts'. ur gf will leave u immediately unless she replies 'definitely,' to point number 3. if she whips out a knife, run for ur life. it isnt funny anymore.

one : i'm VERY tempted to put "cut a hairstyle like keefe's" but i must convince everyone that my hair is actually quite cool so i shall not!

one : act gay. the best method, in's opinion. unlike reason number 2, which automatically fails if ur gf is ALSO retarded/crazed/psycho, ur gf will leave u even if she's lesbian.
1) insist on watching 'Brokeback Mountain' over and over again, focusing each time on the gay scenes and making ' nice!' comments.
2) say things like 'darling, isnt going from the back a much better alternative?'
3) make comments on how that guy is soooo hot while walking along orchard with ur gf.
4) start shaving every single bit of hair on ur body.
5) frequently tell her ur ass feels sore and explain with 'i got mounted real hard, you know.'

heh. anyways here are the lyrics for johnny!

Craig David - Johnny

Its another day in school and he's jus walking out the door,
got his rucksack on his back and his feet dragging on the floor,
always late for when he's questioned he cant think of what to say,
"how's the bruises?" from the teachers, hoping that they go away,
even tho his mom and dad they both got problems of their own,
called a nut case at 22 but he still rather be at home,
cries himself to sleep and prays when he wakes up things might have changed,
but everything still the same.....
but didnt you say, you always said that i should speak up hmm
but it seems like all the things you said to me before were nothing at all because

I keep tellin you that johnny's hitting me thats why i'm late for school, (but you never listen),
instead you always seem to end up blaming me for things i didnt do (for what it's worth),
i didnt even want to tell you anything in case it made things worse (jus so you know),
everytime i say that johnny's hitting me, hey mom and dad it hurts

Every day keeps on repeating like a record on replay, slowly getting off the bus with johnny waiting at the gates,
like a friend who will smile away but then be calling out his name,
put his arm around his neck,whisper "now give me all your change!",
to afraid to make a scene or plea with him to letting go,
he jus takes whatevers comin feels the pain with every blow,
tries to blame himself to make himself hurt soon as he gets home,
but everything still the same....
But didnt you say, you always said that i should speak up hmm
but it seems like all the things you said to me before were nothing at all because

I keep tellin you that johnny's hitting me thats why i'm late for school, (but you never listen),
instead you always seem to end up blaming me for things i didnt do (for what it's worth),
i didnt even want to tell you anything in case it made things worse (jus so you know),
everytime i say that johnny's hitting me, hey mom and dad it hurts

You always said that i should speak up hmm,
and to never be afraid to come and tell you if i needed to talk (find me there to talk),
well i dont know the meaning of love hmm,
coz it seems like all the things you said to me before were nothing at all because...

I keep tellin you that johnny's hitting me thats why i'm late for school, (but you never listen),
instead you always seem to end up blaming me for things i didnt do (for what it's worth),
i didnt even want to tell you anything in case it made things worse (jus so you know),
everytime i say that johnny's hitting me, hey mom and dad it hurts

Sunday, March 12, 2006

1st win!

ok yayy we won 14-0 today against jjc. i think. around there lah. next match is on thursday against hci! gogogogo!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


wooooooot. its the march holidays now, which means the SRC SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT! yeee ha!

anyways i realised photoblogging is really tiring, not to mention time consuming. have to upload and stuff. so from now on i shall only upload and post really impt pics. meanwhile u can go for some pics.

back to the src softball tournament, our next match would be TOMORROW against JJC. its at kallang softball diamond. 1.30pm. so those who are free pls come down and support!

then we will have a break, and the tournament resumes on thursday next week till sunday. and from thursday onwards the playing venue will be reverted back to good old padang! wooots.

thursday we have 1 match, 2.30pm vs HCI.

friday we have 2 matches, 12.15pm vs ACS(I) and 5.15pm vs VJC.

saturday we have 1 match, 1.15pm vs NJC.

sunday we have 1 match, 12.15pm vs TPJC.

following tpjc at 4.30pm there will be a prize presentation, if we win anything that is.

so pple! those who are free and are in town next week.. come support us!

ok now let me talk abt craig david. whoooohooo. if u havent already gotten his newest album The Story Goes.. u really shld get it. the whole album rocks! all the songs are damn nice.

his im sorry (i just don't love you no more) was's number 1 song of 2005. here's more from his new album, starting with the recent radio hit, Unbelievable.

more to come! GOGOGO craig david rocks.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


ok i realised thanks to my that i had 50+ visitors on average everyday since started but yesterday it suddenly fell to 20+. damn.

and i also realised that blogging with pictures has become very popular culture. thus, i shall follow suit! wonderful i think it's damn fun also. i aim to hit at least 60+ hits a day with this loooong entry. gogo!

lets talk abt orientation TWO with pictures! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeee! enjoy lindsay lohan's emo song confessions of a broken heart at the same time too:)

seems like emo songs abt ur own dad is becoming very popular nowadays also. think kelly clarkson's because of you.

back to the topic! ORIENTATION TWO. gogogo day ONE!

just as i was leaving home i saw this is my kitchen that i didnt see the night before:

yes like wtf. i've NEVER seen such big and long bananas before.

did that sound wrong? never mind.

anyways in school!

pcb formed the z'pantak og! wooooot. yes. pcb has their very own og. hahaha. and pcb was at it again in the morning. we struck first with 2 water bombs. hahahaha. videos only obtainable personally, or else we're so gonna get white slips. hahaha.

then take a look at this: where are the missing balloons?!?!?!

HERE! hahahahaha.

here is my chio bu ogl jeslyn! hahaha good luck for ur gp common test tmr:)

a preview of our water balloon. lol. pple fill up with He, we fill up with H2O!

back in the hall.... cheryl neoh eagerly poses for hahahahaha.

our new og mate, priscilla from nygh:)

and that's all for day one.


crazy day two, which is today. had to wake up at 5am cause needed to be in LT2 at 7am for ogl briefing. wtf. woke up and watched man utd get some cb tyco win. an own goal in injury time (90+2 minutes). idiot.

anyway reached school and went into LT and stuff. daniel yip and his fellow ogl (or more..?) genevieve were sitting in front of me. hahahah. take a look at yip's chee ko pek smirk.

i knew there was something going on.......

never mind. MOVING on..

behind me was self proclaimed chio bu venetia. hahahaha. she was with jeanette aw. i mean ivy wong. but i think she seriously looks like jeanette aw! wtf. the first time i saw her during dry run i immediately thought she bore a striking resemblance to some mediacorp actress. then i realised its jeanette aw. hmm. does right?

in the hall and ying han smiles for the camera.....unlike carmen who says talk to the hand.

here's velda and cheryl. velda's our bayley-waddle j2 ogl in charge. so cool. notice cheryl seems to always take pictures with the same pose. LOL.

'chio bu' venetia again. cb bus stop also wanna pose. tsk.

WTF. venetia always takes pictures with the same pose too! LOL.

batchgive for us was really quite slack. our flat was in bishan after all. just a few bus stops. and at their houses it was like over in 5 mins.

we went to j8 and me, mervyn, priscilla, ying han and carmen decided to go cafe cartel while the rest went pastamania and, er, s11.

i cant put a name to this pose. lol.

after lunch we still had some time thus we played truth or dare! and the first victim was yinghan. she chose dare and had to dip her pineapple into chilli sauce and eat it. she doesnt seem very pleased. LOL.

back in school! at the amphi i suddenly realised huiting was siting behind me. so.. ta da! cuteeeee huiting. lol.

take a look at priscilla's cooooolio specs. its dark blue framed, baby blue at the sides and yellow in the inside. SO COOOOOOOOL.

...............and to end off, its 'chio bu' venetia again. this time she said take pic with her. ok lor.


lol anyways we all look so happy! =D great. orienatation 2 was really fun luh haha.

bye bye! more picblogging to come hahaha.

Monday, March 06, 2006

andre igoudala vs nate robinson -- who's dunk is better?

these are the 2 best dunks from that night. who's dunk is better??????

Saturday, March 04, 2006

nate robinson! -- also check out the dunk at btm of page

guys u gotta check this out, 2006 all star slam dunk winner, 175cm nate robinson! pls wait wait wait for the thing to load its REALLY good. it may take a while. preferably pause the video first and wait for everything to load finish. u can take a look at the video at the bottom of the page first while waiting. ENJOY!

ogl dry run!

eh. today was quite cool leh. the j1 OGLs had a dry run. we went to the different flats that we were assigned to and met with the folks there.

although it was a crazy 8.30am to 5.30pm thing, it turned out to be quite fun after all. haha. the other ogls in bayley waddle made it more fun, really. got hyper pple like venetia. haha. then of course got daniel yip and alvin nat from buckle buckley and kuanghao from moor tarbet. fellow softballer ogls. wahahaha.

after that me and my classmates went to maxwell food centre for our class's learning journey. yes u got it right. a learning journey at maxwell food centre. lol fun.

ms olivia tan said it was a learning journey cause we were supposed to research on a specific food item and present it to the class. so can learn. ORHHHHH. in the end only 2 pple presented. rest didnt even bother to research (including me).

ms tan : nobody else presenting?!
keefe : i came here to EAT, not to talk!

ms tan : ok since most of you all did not bother to research, i declare this learning journey a FAILURE.
all of us : YAYYY!!! clap clap.
ms tan : ok so we shall treat this as a class outing.

wtf. anyhow. lol. i like!

hungry me devoured a bowl of fish porridge while shenglin ate an $8 frog legs porridge. eh the porridge at maxwell is a must try leh. its the biggest stall there and after tasting it u'll know why.

its just damn nice. btw mine was $4 only and the bowl of porridge was freaking big.

then i ate hum chih peng! 7 for $1. niceeeeee.

finally i drank a cup of extra large sugar cane juice for $1.50.

i learnt something from the 'learning journey' after all! lipids are present in the hum chih peng. wtf i squeezed one and phospholipids dripped out. i believe the reasons why it dripped out was because i broke the weak hydrogen and ionic bonds with my mechanical force (squeezing the poor hum chih peng).

talking abt studying, i still got loads of homework. but dota's more important. byebye time to dota dota!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

tammy nyp

im at the library now.. just had maths test and waiting for the bio h3 talk.

maths test was relatively easy i guess. that's what most pple said too.

anyways let me introduce this really cool web tracker. its called statcounter. get it now at! here's why its cool:

besides giving u a webcounter to put on ur blog, it also has very detailed stats about ur blog and each visitor. it tells u the referring link to ur blog, what was the last page each visitor to ur blog was on, the ip address of each visitor, etc. damn cool. so for example if pple got to my blog by clicking on my link at, it would be recorded as the referring link.

if people searched a term on google and got to ur blog, it would also show. damn cool. just click on the link below the hit counter at the bottom of this page to take a look at how cool it is.

thats what im gonna talk abt. wtf if u click on 'view my stats' below and clicked on 'recent pageload activity on the left, it shows the referring links.

take a look, do u see it? some maxonline user came to my blog by searching wtf.

crazy. just cause i talked abt tammy in my first entry my blog has somehow appeared when u search for 'tammy pics'. wtf.

of course, if im feeling damn evil i can report his ip address. lol. cool rite this statcounter. pro technology man.

anyway i wanted to talk abt tammy and everything but i figured now everyone knows abt it so there's really no point.

'tammy nyp' on google gives 119,000 hits. wtf. lists 'tammy', 'tammy video', 'tammy sex clip' as its top searches the past week.

this is getting crazy. enghow was talking to me ytd and he was like 'wtf i whole day search web cant find the video!!!'.

its not circulating around anymore lah. wahaha. sad.

oh shit gtg for bio talk now tata!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

class blog!

lol. oh yar since i talked abt this blog on my class blog, i might as well talk about my class blog on this blog!

feel free to visit! its quite funky.

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