Monday, August 28, 2006

vote for joakim!!! -part2.

how's that for a pun. LOL.

why we should all vote for JOAKIM GOMEZ

heyhey. update.

sunday afternoon. went cineleisure for a free movie. The Break Up. cause it was my dad's Police Family Day. lmao. free buffet lunch as well. the break up is a nice movie. ratings!

The Break Up starring Jennifer Aniston, Chris Vaughn.

The Good: Funny, entertaining dialogue. Things that happen may be relatable to what's happening between ur parents. Chance to see Jennifer Aniston butt naked. hot mama.

The Bad: Ending makes u go "huh? just like that?". Doesnt really give you the satisfying feeling that u get after watching Click.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

ANYWAY. read my title. im here to tell u all why we should all vote for Joakim Gomez.

last week was hilarious. all the judges except for the looney one with big boobs (or fat?) bombed joakim. damn funny. dick lee was being a dick, but i like! i cant believe he actually said he wanted to tell joakim to shhhhhhhh. COOL MAN.

then ah lian was even more direct, asking his fans to "allow him a dignified exit from the competition". BUT I BEG TO DIFFER. more details later on, so read on. hehheh.

ken lim is THE man. i dunno whether the few seconds of silence from the audience can technically sound better than joakim, but who cares that remark just HIT THE SPOT. hahahahaha i tell u joakim was ready to cry.

results show it was down to joakim gomez and nurul maidin. i had a feeling nurul was going to be out since last week. u can hear the audience's response whenever her name's called and u know it's simply not as loud as the rest. then inside i was secretly cheering joakim gomez on. whoooohoooo.

WHY the sudden change, DesperadoZ? after all DesperadoZ is known to be a outright critic of joakim's singing (or lack of). everyone says DesperadoZ sings better and joakim and, gee, it's actually kinda easy to just hold a tune, u know.

hell i pity joakim's classmates when he was in school, they probably had to put up with a tuneless and flat rendition of Majulah Singapura every morning during flag raising.

and the fact that he caused the pro fat ass (she actually lost weight as the competition got on, but stigmas usually follow u :D) Mathilda to exit from the competition simply didnt help increase his popularity with me.

yet i have changed my mind. yes, i am pleading for everyone of u to VOTE for joakim gomez. please. when Nurul got eliminated instead of joakim i was like YES YES YES. u know why?

cause MORE entertainment and fun next week! another extra reason to look forward to singapore idol every week.

more singing (now it's 2 songs a week), more judges comments (suanning him), more hilarious moments (especially from ken lim), more entertainment! hurrhurr.

SO VOTE FOR JOAKIM GOMEZ. i tell u the poor fella will kena suanned every week till he himself has no will to carry on in the competition. he'll be like going back every week just to get suanned again by the judges, who are obviously intent on getting him out of the competition.

i honestly didnt like the way Daniel Ong questioned nurul's sister after nurul's exit from the competition. like seriously his questions were damn wtf. like "who do u think shld have been eliminated instead of nurul?" IM SURE u ask such questions. lucky her sister was diplomatic enough to say "no comments", but DANIEL ONG KEPT PRESSING ON. wtf. whack him lah ccb. wtf was he trying to do man. seriously.

ANYWAY. vote for joakim gomez. the poor dude, as i've said, is gonna get suanned so badly every week till he pleads his fans to not vote so he can get out and save some face. but NO SUCH THING just continue voting! lol. show ur love (or immense disgust) for Joakim Gomez! vote him vote him. till he has to drag himself to the show every week, just to get panned by the judges, AGAIN! hahahahahahahaha then it'll be more laughter and fun for everyone of us watching at home every week. whoohoo.

vote joakim gomez. he's handsome, eligible, talented. well in certain ways, im sure of that. lol. till he gets into the final with Hady Mirza (that's my prediction for the final) and then the whole of singapore, or at least majority will vote Hady, leaving Joakim to cry with less than 1% of the total votes garnered.

there u go. masterpiece. so VOTE JOAKIM GOMEZ. especially if u hate him. :)

p.s. he has a friendster profile. cool.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

update update

ehh sorry i realised i haven't been updating.

SORRY ah very very busy with work. today didnt go school cause got fever. like wtf. im sure i keep getting fever. this is crazy. it's like the 3rd or 4th time i've got a fever THIS YEAR. ouch more than any other years. crazy.

BY THE WAY. i was browsing through the ri asknlearn portal. bad news. they changed interface now i cant access the personal directory. hence cannot change songs! lol.

i also went to visit the forums page and to my surprise the posts from last year were all still there. AND I FOUND THIS HISTORIC POST that i had written and spammed across the forums of all subjects. lol. it was about the school deciding not to renew greg goh's contract. enjoy. wah memories memories!

I am very sad that a great teacher has left our school. This is a milestone in the history of the Mathematics Department of Raffles Institution because no other teacher can connect to students the way Mr Goh can. He is friendly and never fails to laugh along at our jokes. He is also a good mentor and always tries his best to explain maths topics in the easiest and simplest way possible. Of course, he is able to be strict when he wants to. In this way, majority, if not all, of the students who know him have the upmost respect for him, not only for his good social skills but also for his athletical prowess.

Outside curriculum time, he is, of course, very much active. Who can ever forget the hours he spends playing soccer with us, the students? They are not many teachers who can strike such close a bond between students and teachers. Mr Gregory Goh is one of the few who can.

He is also, of course, the teacher-in-charge of track and field. I have always seen him full of smiles as he guides the trackers along during their training and helps them in any way he can. He has even gave me some advice in running when i asked for it. That I will never forget for the rest of my life.

I remember fondly once, an incident which happened just this year. It was a few days before the maths common test and I saw him sitting at the canteen, at around 7.30+ p.m. helping out my friend Jerik in some maths exercises and teaching him how to solve the problems in the revision exercises. That greatly impressed me. Not only was it so late at night, Mr Goh had agreed to help him out after an afternoon of training. I remembered I had a few maths problems to ask, so I took out my exercise worksheet and asked for help. He obliged. It definitely helped me out alot in my understanding of the topic. By the time i left school, it was almost 8pm. He was still there scribbling workings on foolscap.

Now that he has left, I cannot help but feel sad as I reflect on all his contributions to the school. He has changed the life of us students, there is no doubt about that. I will not question the school's decision, but I deeply feel that this is a great loss for us.

Yours Sincerely,Tan Jing Wen Keefe

Sunday, August 13, 2006

the 2 "C"s.

ok im here to quickly talk abt the 2 "C"s. CHELSEA and CLICK.

CHELSEA. it's also the reason why i need to talk quickly. cause the match has already started. here's the deal. chelsea vs liverpool tonight, FA community shield. for those of u noobs it's a annual match before the start of the season between the Premier League winner and the FA Cup winner.

so here is desperadoz's bold prediction. my beloved chelsea WILL WHOOP liverpool. if not whoop at least will win. that's why i've already betted with yi rui and james. same bets somemore. if they win i win double but if they lose then ggxx.

2nd thing. CLICK. it's a damn nice movie. everyone shld go watch. there's loads of hype about The Lake House but if u, like me, prefer action/comedy/horror ANYTIME to sad sob romantic dramas, then Click's for u.

it's funny, yet dark. kinda reminds me of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickett. it makes u laugh but also makes u cry. or almost.

WTF LIVERPOOL JUST SCORED IM SURE. LOUSY goalkeeping by carlo cudicini lah CB im sure liverpool 1-0 chelsea now.

ANYWAYS. click is a very good movie. thought provoking. seriously. entertainment to the max. go catch it. i shall go watch my beloved chelsea now cb lah im sure they trailing by a goal now.

THEY WILL MAKE A COME BACK. or tmr in sch i ggxx lose 2 bets.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


whooohoo. 2 days of marathon birthday parties in yio chu kang. lol.
p.s. check out this new song it's by jolin cai it's a damn nice song and the mtv is really touching. i specially showed benny, yixuan and chayling during kbox haha.

TUESDAY. morning, prometheum day ceremony LOL i got my jc2 ccal into BIG trouble cause i forgot to tell him to bring a tie. then he had to run around school looking for one. OOPS. ran until damn jialat then in the end come back to LT2 a counsellor was waiting for him with a spare tie LOL.

the ceremony was damn funny lah. my j2 ccal passed me MY psp. lol jokes. shenglin said they couldnt really see what it was from the parade square anyways.

after the celebrations PCB supposed to go down to bukit batok for bowling at my recommendation (it's only $1.50 a game on weekdays) but ALAS the plan failed and they decided to go town.

i went kbox instead! hurrhurrr together with yi xuan, benny and chayling. DAMN FUN LAH. sang all the new cao ge songs muahahahaha. eh my voice was FEELING IT that day man i could hit all the notes so i tried even more difficult songs.

list of some of the difficult songs i hit (previously never even dreamt of singing)
1) wang lee hom - wei yi
2) wang lee hom - forever love
3) wang lee hom - kiss goodbye
4) jay chou - hei se you mo
5) taufik - me and mrs jones
6) cao ge - superwoman (ALMOST. lol)
7) cao ge - cheng mo wan ju
8) david tao - ai wo hai shi ta

AT NIGHT it was yi rui's party, 2 days ago. at his house in yio chu kang. nice food, nice place, nice time. slept over together with farhan, kuang hao and 3 of yi rui's classmates. here are some pics!

lucky yi rui got 4 cakes. wtf. gaying with munhay hahahaha there were sicker poses.

THE NEXT DAY morning i played with yi rui's dog. it's a female. damn cute lah. and the dog likes me. it used it's 2 front legs to grab me by my waist lol. and yi rui's dog is some molester. likes to touch people where the sun don't shine. horny bitch. literally. lol.

"hello. u're cute. i like you."

playing with it's, er, balls.

went home at around noon. bathed and did some homework for awhile and it was time to set off for yio chu kang AGAIN. for kuan fu's bday party. cb my dad had VIP sector tickets for NDP and wanted me to go but i turned him down just for YEE KUAN FU. damn nice lah. the tickets going for >$500 outside u know.

the food was even better. and the people were fun and pretty. hahahahahahahaha. pics pics pics!

the guys from kf's class gave him this shirt LOL. kuan fu, u are a big boy now. literally.

camera-shy kuan fu tries to hide his face lol.

the softballers! notice kuan fu gaying with me again like since sec 3 and shou yee's gay face. LOL.

kuan fu's soccer cake. haha. it's damn nice lah it's actually a jackfruit cake YUMMY.

group photo!

birthday boi yee kuan fu.

kuan fu making a wish before blowing the candles. probably along the lines of "no wishes this year. i already have everything that u have" or "please show me something i don't already have"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, birthday boys!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

hot chicks!

holy shit. i was lazing around this morning having breakfast and watching new york yankees win their baseball match. then i switched to channel 22 and it was women's golf and HOLY SHIT i saw this damn hot chick golfer.

her name's natalie gulbis.

i went on google to check her out and she's pretty popular. got her own website whoohoo. AND she's only 23 this year!

another website says she's "widely known as the anna kournikova of golf". hahaha.

ok so enough of the talk i know everyone wants to know just how she looks like.

BUT before i get to her pics let me tell u abt my latest blog song and the artistes. i'm stopping my retro crap for awhile cause i've seemed to have gotten hooked on this song. it's buttons by the pussycat dolls.

and did i EVER mention the PCD were hot, hot hot? i think they are like THE hottest girl band. seriously. ALL of them look gorgeous. and if u have seen the Buttons video on MTV, u would have been drooling.

here are the pics! i think natalie's best assets are her eyes. legs also. lol.

Friday, August 04, 2006

desperadoz goes retro

okok desperadoz has decided to go retro. i shall be playing songs from ages ago just to relieve the memories of nice ones.

ANYWAYS. interhouse championships, part 2. yesterday was interhouse soccer. remember it was postponed because of rain last week.

SO. keefe went to play, in search of that elusive interhouse soccer goal that he has never scored before. first match against morrison-richardson. we drew! 1-1. i didnt score. lol. hashir scored for us from like midfield. the joker MR keeper let the ball bounce over him. how freaking noob. lol.

2nd and final match. against moor-tarbet! i didnt play in the first half, supposed to go in the 2nd half. after the first half it was 1-1 wtf. then i went in for the 2nd half. with a few minutes left cun zhi lobbed the ball out from defence towards a dashing me (read:sprinting). i controlled the ball and attempted a volley at goal with a keeper to beat................

it was a lousy contact. i hit the top part of the ball and it started ROLLING towards the goal instead of FLYING in. damn it. i was like shit la wasted..until i saw the keeper struggling to get to the ball which was heading for the bottom left corner.

and it evaded his outstretched hands to give me a GOAL. lol. match winner keefe once again hahahahahaha. 2-1 we won. jokes liddat also can.

anyways enjoy the song. and mug hard. haha.

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